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Why the Blackfort Compression Riding Tights are a Summer Must-Have!

by Eland Lodge 22 Mar 2022 0 Comments

The sun is shining, spring is in the air, and it finally feels like summer is just around the corner! If you’re braving putting away the thermals and getting out your summer riding gear, you might be thinking about adding a new pair of riding leggings to your equestrian wardrobe.

Since the weather has been improving, the Blackfort Equestrian Ladies Compression Riding Tights have been flying off the shelves here at Eland Lodge, and when you take a closer look, it’s easy to see why!

We’ve tested the Blackfort Compression Riding Tights, and truly believe that these riding tights are an absolute must have for this summer. Here’s the reasons:

Compressive support

These sports leggings have been created specifically for the active rider. Made from a technical compression fabric, these riding tights are designed to feel like a second skin. This means they give you support where you need it, but are ultra-flexible to allow you complete freedom of movement.

Riding without constriction means that you can focus on giving your bester performance without having to worry about what you’re wearing.

Another bonus to this durable compression fabric is how flattering it is – lumps and bumps are instantly smoothed over, without you feeling any restriction or tightness – win win!

Somewhere to put your phone

Riding in summer always presents the problem of where to stash your phone in case of an emergency. With two generous thigh phone pockets, that’s not an issue when you’re wearing the Blackfort compression tights! There’s plenty of space to keep your phone and essentials safe and secure while you ride.

Super grippy seat

Whether you’re planning a summer hack, a trip to the cross country course, or lots of training sessions in the arena you want to be confident in your legwear. The Blackfort compression leggings feature a full silicone grip seat to give you that extra security in the saddle.

They’re not just boring dots either, the silicone grip print is in the shape of cute little Blackfort Equestrian emblems – which we think is a gorgeous finishing touch!

What’s more, the Blackfort tights have a grip seat that lasts – you won’t find these disappearing in the wash or wearing away! Check out our review where Jade tests the breeches to the max.

Technical sports fabric

Not only is this compression material supportive and flattering, it’s been designed with equestrian athletes in mind. The fabric is moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying. This helps you keep you feeling cool and fresh no matter how hard you’re working in the saddle.

This also makes them perfect for wearing to the gym, out for a jog, for a weekend walk, or even just a quick trip to the supermarket.

Substance and style

So now you’ve heard all about the practical features of the compression tights, let’s talk about just how beautiful they are.

Aside from the flattering silhouette, these tights feature a stylish and comfy wide waistband, contour leg panelling, shaped thigh phone pockets, smart metallic contrast print logo, and neat belt loops from sophisticated equestrian style.

We thought that this style feature deserved a mention all of its own – THESE RIDING TIGHTS ARE COMPLETELY NON-SEE-THROUGH. Not even a little bit see through. Totally opaque. Bend over as much as you like. Wear whatever coloured pants you like. No one will ever know!

The price

So what’s the best part about the Blackfort Equestrian Compression Riding Tights? You get all these amazing features for under £50!

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Why the Blackfort Compression Riding Tights are a Summer Must-Have!

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