Cross Country Course Hire

Our British Eventing standard cross country course incorporates fences from mini training fences through to BE Novice, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Our Cross Country Course is available for schooling hire throughout the eventing season (approx. April - September, weather dependent). Whether you’re preparing for a competition or just want to have fun with friends, our XC training course incorporates everything from mini fences through to BE Novice, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Individuals, groups, instructors and clinics all welcome.

Our well-built solid fences are designed with safety in mind, and many feature all-weather take-off and landing points where needed. Set through a combination of grassland and woodland, the undulating nature of the ground makes it a great course for schooling, fitness and training.

The original course design and construction was by Huw Lochore. New fences and complexes are under continuous development under the supervision of Stewart Buntine, an Advanced List Course Designer for British Eventing.

Cross Country Courses

Our British Eventing standard cross country course includes the following courses, as well as some warm up and training fences at various heights:


Our mini XC course is designed to be the perfect introduction for both horse and rider to the art of cross country riding. This shortened course features well built, solid XC fences measuring up to 50cm – all designed to be inviting and build confidence. *This is not a BE course.


This course incorporates a range of inviting fences up to 70cm, including smaller versions of some of our popular BE fences. This is a great way of introducing a less experienced horse or rider to cross country and building confidence. *This is not a BE course.


The 80cm course incorporates a range of inviting fences up to BE80 height. This includes small versions of our popular BE fences, and the introduction of some combinations and slightly more technical fences.


Our 90cm course incorporates a mix of inviting and more technical fences up to BE90 height, giving you the chance to gain confidence and experience over a range of fences.


The 1m course is an up to height BE100 course incorporating some large and technical fences, as well as some more inviting traditional fences. This is a great course to test your skills and prepare you for moving up to BE Novice.

BE Novice/1.10m

Our BE Novice track is an up to height course with some technical and testing fences. Set over undulating ground this is a great training course for those who wish to progress in BE Novice and move up to BE Intermediate.

Cross Country Course Cost

The cost of hiring the course is £28 per horse. This allows you to use the course for as long as you like on that day. Please note that there may be other riders on the course at the same time.

Please Note
Hat cameras and GoPros are not permitted. You will need to bring your own number bib for your session, we will provide you with the paper number when you check in. All riders MUST wear a Peakless Hat and Body Protector that are both up to current British Eventing standard at all times on the Cross Country Course and Cross Country Warm Up. If you are wearing an air jacket, you must wear a standard body protector underneath.

How To Book The Cross Country Course

Fill in your details and choose your slot using the booking system below. (Please pick the nearest available slot to the time you wish to arrive.)

For help booking, please call us on 01283 575856.