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5 Reasons Why You Need The Le Mieux DryTex Breeches In Your Life

by Eland Lodge 01 Dec 2021 0 Comments

It’s the UK. It’s winter. It’s probably raining. But you want to ride your horse.
The good news – you don’t need to be a hero any more. Thanks to the new Le Mieux DryTex Breeches you can stay warm, dry and comfortable while you ride – whatever the weather.

1) They’re Wonderfully Waterproof

Our top reason for falling head over heels in love with these breeches? They’re waterproof! Not just a little bit waterproof, not just splash proof – these breeches feature a generous waterproof rating of 10,000mm, meaning they’re designed to withstand heavy showers and snow.

No bulky overtrousers or awkward extra layers needed!

2) They’re Beautifully Breathable

Think back a few years. Remember those pac-a-macs that kept you dry, but turned you into a boil-in-the-bag human? Well, (thankfully) now you can forget them!

Thanks to some serious advancements in waterproof technology, these breeches feature a Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) rating of more than 5000mvp, meaning they’re really breathable. With such a high level of breathability, these breeches are perfect for you whether you’re a happy hacker or serious competitor.

3) They’re Amazing Airblockers

Anyone else suffer from frozen thighs the second there’s a slight breeze?

There won’t be any icy blasts of cold air getting through these breeches! The windproof construction will help to keep your thighs protected from the wind, keeping your body temperature up whatever the weather.

4) They’re Fabulously Fleecy

No winter breech is complete without a cosy fleece lining, and these Le Mieux breeches certainly don’t disappoint in this department. The material used in these breeches is not only toasty warm, it’s also abrasion resistant and anti-piling.

5) They’re Oh-So-Stretchy

With all of those technical features going on, it’s hard to imagine just how stretchy these breeches are, but trust us when we say they’re seriously comfy in the saddle. Designed for flexibility, the unique construction ensures that you’ve still got full range of motion so you can cope with anything your horse throws your way.

So those are the top 5 reasons why we think the Le Mieux DryTex Breeches are a must-have for your winter riding wardrobe.

But we couldn’t really stop at 5 – there’s just so much to love about these breeches! From the subtle but effective full grip seat to the classic breeches fastenings, and the handy belt loops to the two generously sized hip pockets. AND they’re just £99.95, which makes them a seriously smart investment this winter.

If you’re a hardcore competitor or love to hunt then the classic Beige is the option for you. To be honest you probably won’t want to take them off when you get home, but that’s ok because they double as smart yet subtle everyday breeches too.

Le Mieux DryTex Breeches

As usual Le Mieux are spot on with their colours, and the gorgeously sophisticated “Carbon” Grey breeches add a touch of class to any riding outfit. We particularly love them paired with this season’s Rioja matchy set.

Le Mieux DryTex Breeches

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