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Best Selling Ariat Riding Boots at Eland Lodge

by Eland Lodge 02 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Best Selling Ariat Riding Boots at Eland Lodge

Ever wondered which are the most popular Ariat riding boots and what is so special about them? We’ve pulled together a list of our best selling Ariat riding boots and why we think they’re so popular with equestrians.

Ariat riding boots: selling like hot cakes

Ariat International is the leading equestrian performance footwear brand in the world. It combines advanced technical features with superior craftsmanship. We believe Ariat riding boots deliver great value for money and our customers think so too:

“My Ariat riding boots are the comfiest boots I’ve ever owned - I can wear them all day and not get sore feet. They’re worth every penny.” Steph, leisure rider from Staffordshire.

To get a detailed breakdown of the innovative Ariat technologies featured in our best selling boots, click on the links below. You might also find Which Ariat riding boots are best for me? a useful read.

Best selling Ariat competition boots

Ariat competition boots are designed for riders who require maximum performance from their footwear. Whether it’s show jumping, eventing or dressage, Ariat competition boots are a win-win

— not only do they perform in terms of technical innovation, they help the rider perform at their very best too. What more can you ask from a pair of riding boots!

The Ariat Ladies Heritage Contour II Field Zip Long Boot is a firm favourite with the Eland Lodge team. And for men, it’s the Ariat Mens Heritage Contour Field Zip Tall boots.

You might notice a theme emerging as we go on to recommend the Ariat Youth Heritage Contour Field Zip Boot.

The Ariat Heritage Contour Field boots range opens up a whole new world of performance, comfort, and craftsmanship. It’s Ariat at its very best.

Best selling Ariat riding boots for women

As well as the Ariat Ladies Heritage Contour II Field Zip Long Boot (see above), the Ariat Ladies Heritage IV Steel Toe Paddock Boots are also a best seller at Eland Lodge. Comfortable and waterproof, they make great all-year-round jodhpur boots. And they provide that all- important toe protection whilst working around the yard — the perfect pair of boots for the equine multitasker.

If you’re looking for something that effortlessly glides from walking to yard work to hours in the saddle, another popular boot includes the Ariat Ladies Telluride II H20. Built to perform in any weather, these are Ariat’s most durable and hard-wearing short boots.

Best selling Ariat boots for men

Long boots and smart-looking short boots are the most popular Ariat riding boots for male riders. As mentioned above, the Ariat Mens Heritage Contour Field Zip Tall Boots are the best selling Ariat riding boots for men. The Ariat Mens Nitro Max Tall Riding Boots come in at a close second. The lightweight NITRO™ technology offers a unique combination of flexibility and support to cushion and stabilise the foot.

The best selling Ariat Short boots for men are the Ariat Mens Devon Nitro Jodhpur Boots.  Beautifully crafted from premium full-grain leather, these boots benefit from NITRO™ technology and Shock Shield™ technology for maximum support and shock absorption.

Best selling Ariat boots for children

For younger riders, Ariat Jodhpur boots are a great place to start. They’re easier to slip on than  long boots and work well with a pair of half chaps or gaiters to protect against rubbing.

The Ariat Youth Devon IV Zip Paddock Boot is a popular option for young riders because the removable Wiggle Room footbed lets young athletes keep their favourite boots whilst they grow.

As children get older and more competitive, they’re likely to move onto longer length riding boots  for that extra bit of support and elegance. The Ariat Youth Heritage Contour Field Zip Boot is a favourite, as well as the Ariat Junior Bromont Tall H20 Boot. The Bromont boot features Ariat’s Waterproof Pro Construction and is perfect for all-weather riding.

Choosing the right size

Finding your perfect size of Ariat short boots is easy because they come in standard UK or European shoe sizes, for example, UK 6/EUR 39.

For Ariat long boots, it’s not as hard as you might think to measure up:

  • To measure boot width, measure around your calf at its widest point.
  • And for boot length, measure from the floor to the back of your knee.
  • Then match your measurements to the Ariat Riding Boots Sizing Guide.

TOP TIP: Ariat boots tend to be on the roomy side. So you might want to order a half-size smaller than your actual size

How to look after your Ariat riding boots

Look after your boots like you do your saddle and they’ll last years. It only takes five minutes to incorporate a boot-clean into your tack cleaning session. And Ariat has made it super easy with its footwear cleaner products.

TOP TIP: the spray is quick and easy, making it brilliant for kids to use.

Connie, a happy hacker from Bristol, says, “I’ve had my Ariat Jodhpur boots for two and a half years. I practically live in them. But every time I wipe them over with leather cleaner, they come up  shiny new.”

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