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Why We LOVE Blackfort Equestrian Riding Tights!

by Eland Lodge 28 Jul 2021 0 Comments


When it comes to riding legwear, us equestrians we can be pretty picky. Afterall, our riding tights have to be just right as they have a big influence over how secure and comfortable we feel in the saddle. Let’s not forget that one of the most important factors is price – because the less pennies we spend on ourselves, the more we can spend spoiling our horses.

What features are at the top of your riding tights hit list? We asked the Eland Lodge team what they look for in riding tights – here’s a list of our favourite features:

  • Smoothing material

Hannah, our Yard Manager, said “I always look for a good quality material that smooths and flatters. A more supportive material is great as not only does it feel and look better on, but it also recovers it’s shape better when you wash it lots.”

  • Being 100% not see through

“Because no-one likes to be see-through!” Steph, Marketing.

  • Two phone pockets

Yard Groom Chloe says “One phone pocket is essential, but two phone pockets is even more useful – it gives me somewhere safe to put my phone, then another handy pockets for treats, polo’s, keys etc. so I can have what I need with me when I work on the yard.”

  • Full silicone grip seat

“For me, a grippy silicone full seat is a must. When it comes to riding young or spooky horses the sticky bum seat is a game changer”, said Lizzie, Sales Assistant.

  • Stylish high waist design

Jade, our Retail Manager, said “ I love riding tights with a high waist design. They always look stylish and flattering, and gives you options for pairing with different tops and whether you want to tuck in or leave loose.”

  • Lightweight stretchy ankle cuffs

Donna, Event’s secretary, says “ I hate bulky ankle material and seams as they’re uncomfy and always get in the way of the zip on your long boots, a thin ankle panel is a must!”

  • Wide waistband for all day comfort

“When you’re spending the day in riding tights then comfort is a must. I find a nice wide waistband super comfy and definitely the best option for days spent on the yard and in the saddle. Plus they’re a lot more flattering too!” Fiona, Marketing.

  • Belt Loops

Sales Assistant Sam says “I’d always choose riding tights with a belt loops. They give you so many more styling options, gives a luxury look, plus it’s great to get a really custom fit if your on the move the whole time.”

  • Choice of colours

Head Girl Jess thinks “It’s important to have a good choice of colours. I especially love traditional colours like navy and black that then add a little pop of colour to make it a bit different.”
If this is what your dream riding tights are made of, you’ll be pleased to hear that all three of the Blackfort Riding Tights designs incorporate every single one of these amazing features! And what’s even better? They start from just £42.95!

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