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Velvet Riding Hats

by Eland Lodge 09 Oct 2020 1 comment

The latest topic that we are exploring in our series of posts on "Everything You Need To Know About Riding Hats" is Velvet Riding Hats.

What is a velvet riding hat?

velvet riding hat is the traditional choice for English equestrian headwear. Featuring a smart and luxurious velvet covering, modern velvet riding hats combine the latest sophisticated safety standards with classic styling.

Is a velvet riding hat safe?

With so many different velvet riding hats available, it’s important to remember that you need to choose carefully. For the safest riding hat, choose one with multiple current safety standards, that has been manufactured by an equestrian safety wear specialist.

When should I wear a velvet riding hat?

As the traditional choice of equestrian headwear, a velvet riding hat is very versatile and can be worn for most equestrian occasions. Velvet riding helmets are particularly popular in the show ring, and also on the hunting field thanks to their traditional and classic appearance.

Many riders also choose to wear a smart velvet hat for hacking, everyday riding and training, dressage competitions, showjumping competitions, and for horse riding lessons.

Velvet riding hats are not permitted for cross country riding in the UK due to the fixed peak. For cross country you’ll need a jockey skull cap.

How to clean your velvet riding hat:

To clean the outside of a velvet riding hat brush mud and dirt off gently with a soft brush. To keep the inside of your hat fresh, use a specialist hat cleaner or deodoriser, like this one from Charles Owen which digests the dirt and grease.

To help keep your hat clean you can store it in a padded hat bag, this will also help prevent any knocks or bumps while you’re not wearing it.

Which velvet riding hat should I choose?

There are a few different considerations to make when purchasing a velvet riding hat. You’ll need to think about when you’ll be riding in it and what activities you’ll be doing, which safety standards the hat has, what colour will match your outfit, and whether you want extra features like ventilation. Most importantly, you will need to choose a velvet riding hat that gives you the best fit, as this will offer you the best protection.

Charles Owen H2000 Riding Hat

Charles Owen H2000 Riding Hat

This gorgeous velvet hat is popular in the show ring thanks to it’s classic high top and tan leather harness. This hat is also a great choice for riding lessons with its soft and smart velvet finish.

Safety Standards:

  • Kitemarked to PAS015:2011
  • Kitemarked to BSEN1384

Charles Owen Wellington Classic Velvet Hat

Charles Owen Wellington Classic Velvet Hat

A great choice for both in the show ring or out on the hunt field, the Wellington offers a classic appearance, with modern features such as ventilation.

Safety Standards:

  • Kitemarked to PAS015:2011
  • Kitemarked and CE marked to VG1 01.040 2014-12

Charles Owen Fian Velvet Hat

Charles Owen Fian Velvet Hat

A popular choice and favourite out on the hunting field, the Fian, offers the traditional appearance with current safety standards.

Safety Standards:

  • Kitemarked and CE marked to VG1 01.040 2014-12
  • Certified by SEI to ASTM F1163.
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1 comment

06 Oct 2023 Peter Dobson
Hi there,

Just ow seeing if I can wear a Charles Owen Fian riding hat for riding lessons?

Kind regards


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