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Sustainability Saturday: Point Two “Grow With Us”

by Eland Lodge 18 Mar 2021 0 Comments
Sustainability Saturday: Point Two “Grow With Us”

Point Two “Grow With Us”

Point Two “Grow With Us”

Horse riding is an extreme sport, and we all know that having safety wear that fits correctly is paramount to helping prevent or lessen injuries in the event of an accident.

But as equestrians we also know that safety wear can be an expensive investment, and can be easily outgrown while the product still has lots of life left.

Point Two, one of the leading manufacturers of Equestrian Air Jackets, have come up with an innovative solution to this problem that not only ensures your safety, but that’s inexpensive for you, and produces minimal waste to help protect the environment.

How does the “Grow With Us” scheme work?

Designed to deliver you an air jacket that always fits, the Point Two Grow With Us scheme is perfect for growing children & teens, and for adults who gain weight, lose weight or change shape.

  1. You send your jacket back to point two
  2. For a fraction of the cost of a new jacket, they send you a brand new jacket in the right size for you
  3. Your old jacket is then professionally cleaned, checked, and fitted with a new airbag system to guarantee safety
  4. Refurbished preloved jackets are then available for sale from Point Two.

What are the benefits of the Point Two “Grow With Us” scheme?

  • You get a new jacket without all the expense.
  • Someone else benefits from a professionally inspected refurbished jacket.
  • There’s minimal waste involved in the process – everything that can safely be re-used is. This of course is much more beneficial to the environment than a discarded product.
  • There’s no compromise in the safety of any users.

What are the benefits of the Point Two “Grow With Us” scheme?

As we’ve discovered in our series of equestrian sustainability blogs so far, a product that can be cared for and repaired instead of discarded or replaced is so much better for the environment. This is true both in terms of the energy needed for manufacturing, as well as the reduction in waste.

Point Two offer repairs and servicing. These services not only ensure the safety of your air jacket, but increases its lifespan too.

When you send your air jacket in for servicing:

  • Point two will put a brand new airbag in it
  • The shell will be professionally cleaned
  • The trigger mechanism will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and serviced.

You can even send your air jacket back to point two to have the shell colour changed!