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Mens Breeches

by Eland Lodge 31 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Mens Breeches

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our male riders. We know you need a good pair of breeches too and our team have hand picked some of their favorite breeches from the super comfy everyday performance breeches through to the smart, technical competition breeches. We’ve put together a list and some helpful tips as to what to look for, when to wear them and most importantly, which ones to buy.  

What are breeches and when should I wear them?

Breeches are commonly worn when competing, schooling, or hunting as they are more traditional. Long boots tend to be the most common choice of footwear worn with breeches, due to where breeches finish on the leg, typically finishing around the rider’s mid-calf or above the ankle and have elasticated or Velcro cuffs to ensure a snug fit.

What are the pros to getting breeches?

  • They are considered to be a smart traditional look
  • They are comfortable and still offer a good range of flexibility while riding
  • Tend to come in competition colours

What are the cons to getting breeches?

  • Light competition colours won’t stay light if they are worn for mucking out so try to avoid wearing them for day-to-day jobs
  • Traditionally worn with long boots due to the cut, but can be worn with short boots

Which breeches should I buy?

Our team of experts have compiled a list of their favorite 5 pairs of breeches to help you find the right pair that will make you feel confident and comfortable not only on the yard, but also in the saddle.

Le Mieux Mens Monsieur Breeches

 Le Mieux Mens Monsieur Breeches

Available in black and navy these Le Mieux Monsieur Breeches are both practical and stylish. Made from a highly durable four way stretch fabric these breeches provide maximum comfort and allow full range of movement while riding and doing daily tasks on the yard. They also offer features like silicone knee grips, a tapered lower leg design so theres no bulky fabric, and four very handy pockets. 


Ariat Mens Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches 

The Ariat Mens Tri Factor Breeches are an essential addition to your riding wardrobe, available in both navy and tan and a generous range of sizes too, they are perfect for both everyday wear and while competiting. 

They have been expertly engineered to keep you riding in comfort and with confidence. Made from compressive fabric with core controle technology that supports the core muscles and slims the silhouette, we are sure these breeches will be your go-to pair. 

If all of that wasn't enough they also have an Ariat Hex grip knee patchfor optimal grip in the saddle, freeze point cooling technology that helps to reduce skin temperature,  Moisture Movement Technology keeps you drier, and compression fabric provides sleek fit and retains its shape.

Ariat Mens Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches


Shires Mens Stratford Performance Breeches 

 Shires Mens Stratford Performance Breeches

The Shires Mens Stratford Performance Breeches have been designed to work with the equestrian athlete. These breeches feature two hip pockets, a zipped rear pocket, belt loops, stretch synthetic suede knee patches and pleat front. A classic colour and design they are practical for wearing on the yard, in the saddle and out at competitions. 


Toggi Sport Mens Flexi Woven Breech

If you're looking for a stylish pair of breeches that offers you flexibility in the saddle and comes in a fashionable colour and style then the Toggi Sport Flexi Woven Breeches are perfect for you. 

They offer a wide variety of features including four way stretch, made from a technical lightweight woven fabric, supportive, silicone knee print, reflective branding, back zipped pocket and the best part... they have a water repellent finish. 

Toggi Sport Mens Flexi Woven Breech


Shires Mens Aubrion Walton Breeches

Shires Mens Aubrion Walton Breeches

If you're looking for a pair of smart competition breeches then the Shires Aubrion Walton Breeches are just the ones you needs. Featuring a contour seat, silicone grip knee patches, zip hip pockets, belt loops, stretch lower leg cuffs and a pleat front, all for an affordable price. 

Not only do they have all these feature but they also look the part, in the classic beige colour you can wear them for most events, but if it's an everyday pair you're after then they also come in navy. 


You can take a look at our full breeches collection here if you're thinking about adding breeches to your equestrian wardrobe or if you'd like to treat yourself to a new pair.

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