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How safe is your headcollar?

by Eland Lodge 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

A headcollar or halter is one of the most common items we use as equestrians, using them to handle our horses every day. But did you know how dangerous they can be?

How safe is your headcollar

These are some of the findings from Dr David Malin’s study on headcollars with 5615 horse owners.

So why is something we use daily on our beloved horses so dangerous? Mainly, it is the material of the headcollar that is cause for concern.

The study involved standardised testing of different types of headcollars including those made of webbing, rope, synthetic materials, leather, and safety designs. Mostly, the headcollars were incredibly strong – so strong that the average horse could be suspended entirely and the headcollar would still not break. In the study, on average, nylon headcollars needed over 650kg of pressure to break while leather still required at least 450kg to snap. 

This means that if something happens to your horse, whether that’s them twisting round while travelling, panicking while tied up or getting trapped in the field, there’s a massive amount of pressure going over their poll. In minor cases, this can cause tension and discomfort, potentially leading to the horse becoming “head shy, difficult to tack up and groom” and “become more resistant to the contact in ridden work”, according to veterinary physiotherapist, Victoria Boakes.

In extreme cases, this can lead to poll fractures, broken necks, and fatalities.

Of course, nobody wants this to happen to their horse, but these accidents are much more common than we think. Luckily, there’s a simple way to prevent these accidents: the Stellar headcollar by Equilibrium Products.

To combat headcollar-related injuries, the Stellar Headcollar from Equilibrium Products has been designed to provide a balance, so that you can handle your horse safely, but it will also release if your horse gets into real trouble. 

The clever design of the Stellar headcollar means that the poppers on the headcollar will open and free your horse if 83kg of downward force is applied, meaning it provides a much lower release point than other headcollars and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of injury to your horse.

Better yet, this headcollar is reusable so if it does need to release to protect your horse, you can simply re-attach the poppers and tuck the strap back in with the keeper and your headcollar will be back to normal.

Stellar Headcollar

It can be used for everything from tying up, leading, travelling and even as a field safe headcollar. Made from a smart, durable, and weatherproof PVC material with neoprene padding for comfort on the headpiece and nosepiece, this headcollar is suitable for every day, competition, or field use.

How safe is your headcollar

The Equilibrium Products Stellar headcollar is available at Eland Lodge in black or brown in small (pony), medium (cob) and large (horse). While the headcollar is designed to match with the horse’s bridle size, here’s a handy size guide:

Stellar headcollar

If you have any questions or need any sizing help, please email us at or give us a call on 01283 575856.

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