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Hard Ground Essentials with NAF

by Shop Staff 05 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Retaining the integrity of the hoof itself is vital in enabling the individual to function and perform on top of the hard conditions.

While we have to hydrate the hoof, we have to remember the concussive forces that are at play, simply landing off a jump can bring about a force over twice the individuals weight on the load bearing landing limbs.

What to recommend:


Rather than feeding one or two ingredients, look for the right combination to address wear and tear, help address toxin activity, seek synovial strength and provide nourishment for the soft tissue to promote their regenerative process.

  • Flush out the free radicals
  • Antioxidants
  • Don't forget to connect
  • 10,000mg/day OF GLUCOSAMINE 
  • Care and Repair
  • MSM
  • Stimulate the production
  • Additional care for the aging joint
  • OMEGA-3 fatty acids
  • Synovial fluid support
  • HA


All joints undergo the natural wear and tear process daily, it is wise to support all individuals to help them enjoy their performance for longer and supply them with flexibility for life with NAF Five Star Superflex.


Both Farrier Dressing and Farrier Solution will allow the hoof to breathe, where oils and greases can often suffocate the hoof so we needed our application to be permeable, utilising ingredients naturally seen in keratin.


Secondly the applications offer protection from environmental threats such as anaerobic bacteria and waterborne threats that can infiltrate the gaps in the horn created through the constant changes in the moisture content of the horn.


Finally, being permeable, means that it will also be able to directly support and nourish the keratin structure with the hoof.


A hoof application that tackles these 3 points should be a daily routine for hoof care.


Hydrate Hooves FAST with NAF Farrier Dressing and Farrier Solution by PROFEET. Shop here.

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