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Equestrian Riding Hats: MIPS Explained

by Eland Lodge 07 Oct 2020 0 Comments

Equestrian Riding Hats - MIPS Explained

Over the last year or so you may have heard other equestrians starting to mentions MIPS. If you’ve been wondering what it’s all about, read our handy FAQ guide below to find out more.

What is MIPS Technology in Horse Riding Helmets?

  • MIPS is a Brain Protection System. It was invented in Sweden by Hans von Holst, a neurosurgeon and Peter Halldin, a researcher from the Royal Institute of Technology.
  • When you hit your head in a fall, it often creates a rotational motion in your brain.
  • The rotational movement can cause brain injuries.
  • The MIPS low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10-15mm in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact.

How does MIPS work? 

  • MIPS is an additional liner that is incorporated inside the riding helmet.
  • This low-friction layer enables your head to move 10-15mm in all directions, which has been proven to reduce the rotational movement to the brain and therefore injury (particularly
  • concussion and traumatic brain injury).
  • The MIPS brain protection system is designed to reduce strain to the brain.
  • The core idea behind MIPS is to simulate and enhance the brain’s own protection system, which uses the same principle of the brain being able to slide a little bit against the skull.

Why would I choose a MIPS helmet? 

  • Most horse riding falls involve some rotational motion, and due to the height and speed involved in falling from a horse, this rotational motion happens at force.
  • Those riders who do a lot of fast work such as cantering, galloping, and jumping are most at risk.
  • MIPS helmets, such as the Charles Owen MS1 Pro, still carry the same current safety standards needed for competition, with the added benefits of MIPS technology too.

Are MIPS helmets worth it?  

The MIPS technology incorporated into riding hats by leading manufacturers like Charles Owen and Champion is designed to be affordable. The MIPS Helmets stocked at Eland Lodge fall into the same price ranges as the standard riding hats.

With the added protection MIPS gives, alongside the current safety standards and protection, we would definitely say that it’s worth investing in a MIPS helmet.

Are MIPS helmets bigger than normal riding hats? 

The MIPS brain protection system has been incorporated into modern helmet design by leading brands including Charles Owen and Champion. They don’t look any different or bigger - you’ll get the same sleek designs, stylish finishes and safety features as with any other modern helmet.
Are MIPS helmets comfortable?

Are MIPS helmets comfortable? 

MIPS technology is incorporated into modern helmet design, making MIPS riding hats as comfortable as any well fitted riding hat or jockey skull cap. MIPS hats can include ventilation, removable liners and padded harnesses, making them a great choice for the active rider.

Which MIPS helmets are available?

At Eland Lodge we currently stock the Charles Owen MS1 PRO Jockey Skull. A true all-rounder, this riding helmet is perfect for everything from everyday riding and hacking through to use on the gallops and out eventing.

If you're looking for more information on riding hats, and which type you should be looking to purchase, check out our "Everything You Need To Know About Riding Hats" guide that we have put together to help you make a more informed decision.

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