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British Showjumping Rules 2020 Update: Horse Boots

by Eland Lodge 18 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Written by: John Coupland
The third in my series of British Showjumping Rule updates for 2020 focuses on Horse Boots, and what is now permissible under the new rules.

These changes deal mostly with size and weight of the leg protection and cover all competitions running under BS rules. The key points to note are:

  • Total maximum weight of the collected equipment per leg must not exceed 500gms that is single or multiple boots and fetlock rings.
  • All rear leg protection must have a maximum interior length of 16cm and a minimum exterior width of 5cm.
  • The inside protection must be smooth and fixings made of non-elastic Velcro type fasteners with no hooks or straps permitted.
  • The rounded rigid part of the protection must be placed around the inside of the fetlock. No additional elements may be used in conjunction with the protection.
  • Hind boots may have an extra flap for protection and these may be used provided the flap is soft and clearly intended for protection only.
  • Fetlock rings may be used in addition for protective purposes provided they are properly adjusted and comply with the 500gm rule.
  • No additional protection may be used in conjunction with the protection detailed above.

An update to rule 102.14

Boots and bandages (including but not limited to Tendon Boots, Brushing Boots and Fetlock Boots) with rigid or semi rigid plastic or foam inserts concealed or visible underneath the inner lining and or boots that apply or have the potential to apply pressure on the tendon are not permitted to be used anywhere on the showground. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
So there you have it, the full and unabridged Spur, Whip and Horse Boot story, new for 2020, I hope it made sense. I know that there is a lot to absorb but read it a couple of times and if you have a question please give us a shout.

This blog gives an abridged interpretation of British Showjumping rule updates for 2020, for full information please visit the British Showjumping website.

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