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2023 Whip Rule Changes: Everything You Need To Know About Whips And Batons!

by Kate Udall 26 Apr 2023 0 Comments

At Eland Lodge, our unaffiliated cross country and show jumping events run under BE and BS rules. With the whip rule changes, this means that you may only use a baton when competing here.


What are the BS/BE whip rules?

British Showjumping state that “No rider may carry, use or permit to be used a whip other than those detailed below in the arena, the collecting ring or anywhere on or in the immediate vicinity of the showground”.


British Eventing also state that, when jumping, riders can carry one whip that complies with the details below.

Whips must comply with the following rules:

  •  Whips must be no less than 45cm and no more than 70cm (for BS) or 75cm (for BE) in length
  • There must be no binding within 17cm of the end of the pad
  • The minimum diameter of the shaft, which must run through the entirety of the whip, is 1cm
  • The overall weight of the whip must not exceed 160g and must be evenly distributed throughout the length of the whip
  • The contact area, which is considered to be 2/5 of the overall length, must be covered with a pad
  • The pad must be smooth, with no protrusion or raised surface (such as embellishment or embroidery)
  • The pad must be made of shock-absorbing material throughout its circumference, giving a compression factor of at least 6mm
  • Batons must not feature wording, advertising or personalisation

Which whips are competition legal?

Fleck Cushion Flap Jumping Bat

 Fleck Cushion Flap Jumping Bat


Shires Competition Jumping Whip

Shires Competition Jumping Whip

Shires ProCush Show Jumping Whip

Shires ProCush Show Jumping Whip


You can order your baton online and collect for free the same day you’re competing!

 Shop All Batons

British show jumping whip rules can be found here

British Eventing whip rules can be found here


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