Your Horse's Health: With NAF

As horse owners we do everything we can to protect and promote the health of our horses. Just think of the huge wealth of knowledge you've gained over the years on all sorts of equestrian health related issues - everything from feeding to injury management to confirmation and more! As we all know there's always more knowledge to be gained, and new scientific findings that can help steer our horses management to become even better. That's why we've teamed up with NAF, best known for their horse care and supplements range, to bring you a series of informative blogs that bring the latest equestrian scientific developments to life.

Horse Health with NAF - The Oestrus Cycle

The Oestrus Cycle and Performance Mares

Are you struggling with a challenging mare? A good mare can be a fantastic horse, but can often display difficult behavior around their seasons. We hear more from NAF Head Nutritionist Kate about the Oestrus Cycle why behaviour changes take place, and how we can manage our mares to keep them focused and comfortable.

Horse Health with NAF - Spring Back to Competition

Spring Back to Competition with NAF Superflex

Getting ready to plan your competition schedule? Find out more about how you can support your horse's joints as you get them up to full fitness and competition ready, in our Joints blog with NAF Supplements.

Horse Health with NAF - Focus and Calm

Focus and Calm with NAF Magic

If your horse is known for being a bit of a live wire, spooky, sharp or silly you may have considered the use of a calmer. Our Focus and Calm blog explores some of the management techniques you need to consider, plus takes a more in depth look at the elements of the diet and how you can help support your horse nutritionally.

Horse Health with NAF - Headshaking

Head's up for Headshaking

Headshaking can be a hugely frustrating, and potentially dangerous condition. But what is it? What causes a horse to headshake? And how can we manage horses that headshake so they get a better quality of life? Kate tells you everything you need to know to get started in our Headshaking blog.

Horse Health with NAF - Veteran Vitality

Respiratory Health

If your horse suffers seasonal respiratory challenges, for example from high pollen counts, then you need to read our Respiratory Health blog. Kate from NAF talks about managing horses with respiratory problems, and how nutritional support can help to keep your horse performing at their best.

Horse Health with NAF - Beat the Flies

Beat the Flies

As the first signs of summer begin to appear, so do those pesky flies! If you're wondering which type of fly spray is the most effective, or would like to learn more about the active ingredients used to make fly spray, you need to read our Beat the Flies blog!

Horse Health with NAF - Veteran Vitality

Summer Health Issues: Sweet Itch

Managing a horse with Sweet Itch can be a real challenge though the summer months. Read our Sweet Itch blog to find out more about what causes Sweet Itch, How to manage a horse with Sweet Itch, and the role nutrition plays in helping horses that suffer from a reaction to fly bites.

Horse Health with NAF - Weight Management

Weight Management and Nutrition

Do you own a good do-er? If so, you'll know how challenging it can be to keep that weight off at the same time as maintaining the best nutritional support for your horse. Kate, Head Nutritionist at NAF runs through some top tips for weight management, and talks about supplements that will support your horse without piling on the pounds.

Horse Health with NAF - Gastric Health

Nutritional Support of Strong Gastric Health

Healthy digestive system = Strong immunity = Healthy horse. Read our Gastric Health blog to find out how you can help to support the athletic horse's digestive system, particularly through hard work, competitions and regular travel.

Horse Health with NAF - Hoof Health

No Foot No Horse! Hoof Health

We've all heard the saying "no Foot No Horse", but what can we actually do to support the health of our horse's hooves? Kate from NAF dives in to the world of supplements to explore the most helpful elements, and in particular the importance of Sulpher in keeping your horse's hooves healthy.

Horse Health with NAF - Cushings

Understanding Cushings Syndrome

Most of us have heard of Cushing's, and can recognise the tell-tale curly horse coat, but what really is Cushings? We explore the syndrome, including the symptoms, the problems the disease comes with, and how to nutritionally support a horse with Cushings syndrome - all in our latest blog, Understanding Cushings.

Horse Health with NAF - Veteran Vitality

Veteran Vitality in Winter

As horse owners we all know that keeping a horse through the winter months is more challenging, and this is especially true of our much loved veteran equines. In our Veteran Vitality blog, we hear from Head NAF Nutritionalist Kate Hore about the how to keep your golden oldie healthy, comfortable and supported during the colder months.

Horse Health with NAF - Winter Respiratory Care with NAF

Winter Respiratory Care

Winter is on it’s way, and with that more horses spending more time stabled, eating preserved forage and bedded on a variety of natural materials. All that means one thing – an increase in respiratory challenge. We’re all familiar with horses having the odd cough, or a little discharge from the nostrils, but do we really need to be too concerned, or is that just normal for winter? Find out in our Winter Respiratory Care Blog.

Horse Health with NAF - Winter Mud Defences

Winter Mud Defences

As horse owners we all know that winter, with the cold wet and muddy weather, can be a challenging time when it comes to keeping our horses in tip top condition. Read our Winter Mud Defences blog to find out more about one of the most common equine winter ailments - Mud Fever.