Host An Arena Eventing Qualifier

We're always happy to welcome new venues and events to the National Arena Eventing Championship Series! If you're thinking about hosting a qualifier, here's some more information about what is involved.

What are the benefits of running my event as a National Arena Eventing Championship Qualifier?
The National Arena Eventing Championships is a new event designed to challenge. All of our qualifiers benefit from being listed on our website, and receive qualifying rosettes and qualifying cards for those who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.

Can I hold Qualifying Classes as part of my existing event?
You can hold qualifying classes as part of an event you already run, or you can hold a separate event for the qualifiers – the choice is yours. Lots of venues choose classes that work with their current event schedule.
You can choose whether you’d like to add in extra qualifying classes to your event, or make classes you currently run into qualifiers.

Which classes can be qualifiers?
The Championship classes held are 50cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 1m, so your qualifying classes need to feed into these. You can choose any combination of heights that you wish to hold a qualifier for.

Qualification ClassChampionships Class Qualified For:
50-59cm (1'6 - 1'9)50cm
60-69cm (2'-2'2)60cm
70-79cm (2’3 – 2’6)70cm
80-89cm (2’7 – 2’10)80cm
90-99cm (2’11 – 3’2)90cm
1m+ (3’3+)1m

Does it have to be run under specific rules?
Any Arena Eventing competition can become a National Arena Eventing Championship qualifier.

You may run your qualifier under the rules which you find most appropriate for your competitors and venue, you don’t need to run under the same rules as the Championship Finals. The rules you run under are your decision and responsibility.

Our qualifiers are hosted by a mixture of venues which can run under Pony Club, Riding Club or their own Unaffiliated rules.

You may section your classes in any way you prefer – run them as one class, standard sectioning, Horse/Pony sectioning or Junior/Senior sectioning.

We recommend that all Arena Eventing competitions implement the rule that up-to-standard Peakless Hats and Body Protectors are worn.

What do my competitors get?
You’ll also be provided with the correct number of qualifier rosettes and qualifying cards to give to the competitors who qualify for the Championships.