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Fashion meets Practical with the Fairfax & Favor Explorer Boots

by Eland Lodge 09 May 2019 0 Comments
Fashion meets Practical with the Fairfax & Favor Explorer Boots


with the Fairfax & Favor Explorer Boots

After announcing the arrival of Fairfax & Favor to our Eland Lodge store we have decided to take a closer look at a key piece in the collection. One we think our customers will love; the Fairfax & Favour Explorer Country Boots. As you've probably guessed these boots are practical yet still keep the well known traditional Fairfax look.  Their biggest feature is the waterproof membrane, so no matter what your doing, you know you'll be comfortable and on trend.


Fashion meets Practical with the Fairfax & Favor Explorer Boots

The Fairfax & Favor Ladies Explorer is a long-waxed leather country boot that is comfortable practical and stylish. Lined with a waterproof membrane these outdoor boots are a stylish alternative to your everyday welly perfect for tackling any countryside excursion. The Explorer re-imagined, is the proud winner of the 2017 New Footwear Product award at The Shooting Industry Awards. The Explorer is an updated version for winter 2019 and features a waterproof membrane whereas the original Explorer features only a water-resistant membrane. It has also be re-designed to fit better around the leg and the ankle.


As theses boots have many features the possibilities on when you can wear them are endless! They are certainly not a riding boot, but as they are waterproof they are ideal to wear at an equestrian event, whether it be a day at the races or 3 day event. You could even wear them at events such as Badminton, Burghley and Chatsworth Horse Trials. They are also perfect for a days shooting, the first edition of the Explorer received the 2017 New Product Award at The Shooting Industry Awards. But even if your just walking the dog or out with friends these are the ideal choice.

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