1. No rinse, no worries - with NAF

    During the colder months, many of us have clipped and despite the cold weather, it can be uncomfortable for the horse to have a wash down.  Lifting grease and sweat from clipped and unclipped skin can be more challenging than the summer months which is why it is useful to have a helping hand.

    No rinse washes have gained in popularity over recent years as they can help to provide a revitalising and cleansing wash down without the continual requirement for bathing.  NAF have formulated a selection of no rinse washes designed for use all year round.  The choice is yours, each with different essential oils and ingredients targeted towards the health of the coat and its protein based amino acid structure.  

    NAF no rinse washes have the unique capability to lift grease and wash away the build-up of sweat from the hair follicle, leaving the coat feeling refreshed and revitalised.  With a safe formulation

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  2. Black Friday 2022 at Eland Lodge

    Our Black Friday Sale has landed!

    Here are our 2022 offers:

    Whether you're looking for some Christmas shopping for a country fashion lover to an equestrian treat for yourself, there's something for everyone.

    Be quick, the discount ends at 11.59pm on Friday 25th November!


    *Discount not valid on gift cards, facility vouchers, arena hire, safety wear or items

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  3. Christmas Gift Guide For Horse-Loving Children 2022

    Horsey Christmas Gift Ideas for Children 2022

    Know a horse-loving child and want to get them a horsey gift for Christmas? Here are our top kids gift ideas for horse lovers this Christmas, including budget gifts under £10.

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  4. Lola puts Equilibirum Boots to the test.

    Molly, a member of our shop team, purchased a pair of white Equilibrium All-Sport boots for her now 6-year-old 14.2hh Appaloosa, Lola, 2 years ago. Since  stocking Equilibrium products, Molly wanted to share her experience with the boots as she’s put them through their paces.

    How long have you had the boots for?


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  5. Bonfire Night Tips For Horses

    Many animal owners find Bonfire night stressful due to the negative impact fireworks have on pets. Here are our top tips for managing horses around fireworks.

    1. Keep to a routine

    If your horse is usually stabled overnight, then continue this and bring them in as normal. Take anything unncessary out of their stables, such as grooming boxes or rugs hanging up so they can't injure themselves on these. 

    If your horse is normally turned out, leave them in the field, if safe to do so, but ensure you have double-checked there are no holes in the ground or loose and dangerous fencing. If there isn't much grazing available, providing additional forage can keep them busy.

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  6. Christmas Gift Guide For Country Fashion Lovers 2022

    Women's Country Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

    Not sure what to get for the country lover in your life for Christmas? Here are our top gift ideas for country fashionistas this Christmas, including gifts under £30 up to our luxury items.

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  7. How safe is your headcollar?

    A headcollar or halter is one of the most common items we use as equestrians, using them to handle our horses every day. But did you know how dangerous they can be?

    These are some of the findings from Dr David Malin’s study on headcollars with 5615 horse owners.

    So why is something we use daily

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  8. Eland Lodge Arena Eventing 2022/23 Sponsored By Equilibrium

    Eland Lodge Equestrian are pleased to announce that Equilibrium Products are sponsoring the Arena Eventing Series and Points League for the 2022/2023 winter season.


    For 20 years, Equilibrium Products has supported the well-being of horses by developing innovative quality products that truly make a difference to horses’ lives! Equilibrium is renowned for their horse massage and magnetic products, popular for their muscle-soothing abilities, while the magnetic rug and magnetic chaps support horse mobility, joint function and maintenance of healthy muscles. With their Tri-Zone boot range covering brushing boots, Impact Sports boots and All Sports boots, there's something for every horse. 


    The popular Arena Eventing Series begins on 16th October 2022 and runs bi-weekly until February 2023, with classes from 50cm to 1m. Competitors will tackle a course containing a variety of showjumps, cross country jumps, water, steps and, dependent

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  9. Christmas Gift Guide For Horse Riders 2022

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Horse Riders 2022

    Not sure what to get for the equestrian in your life for Christmas? Here are our top gift ideas for horse riders this Christmas, including gifts under £20 up to our luxury items.

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  10. Building Hooves To Last - with NAF

    Deliver LASTING hoof health


    For the past 30 years NAF have worked to formulate the right products targeted at hoof support, with a key focus on:

    -        Horn Growth

    -        Horn Quality

    -        Hoof Capsule Integrity

    -        Sole Versatility

    -        Hoof Stability


    Horn health has to cope with different processes which in turn weaken the overall structure, wet conditions tend to push water molecules into the small crevices within the capsule which evaporate and leave these crevices open for invasion.  NAF focus on providing all round hoof health and strength to help build hooves to last, in all conditions, in all types of hooves.

    Horn takes a long time to grow from coronet corium to toe, we usually see full growth

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