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  1. N/A
    Shires Pom Pom Hat Cover with Stripes Hat Silk
  2. Charles Owen 4 Star Vented Silk
    Charles Owen 4 Star Vented Silk
  3. N/A
    Shires Velveteen Skull Cap Cover
  4. Gatehouse Chelsea Pro Air Vent Liner
    Gatehouse Chelsea Pro Air Vent Liner
  5. Charles Owen Pro II Hat Silk
    Charles Owen Pro II Hat Silk
  6. Charles Owen Hair Net
    Charles Owen Hair Net
  7. N/A
    Charles Owen J3 Hat Silks
  8. Champion Ventair Hat Silk
    Champion Ventair Hat Silk
  9. Le Mieux Hat Silk
    Le Mieux Hat Silk
  10. Racesafe Lycra hat Silks
    Racesafe Lycra hat Silks
  11. Champion Laurel Hat Silk
    Champion Laurel Hat Silk
  12. Champion Velvet Hat Silk
    Champion Velvet Hat Silk

13 Items

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Hat Liners, Covers & Silks

Riding Hat Liners, Covers & Silks

At Eland Lodge we offer a great selection of riding hat covers, hat silks and hat liners! Find the perfect hat silk for you: choose from our range of xc colours, matchy matchy colours, pom pom tops, removable pom poms, or patterns including quarters, stars, stripes, spots and diamonds. Our coloured hat covers are available in traditional silk, lycra and stretch materials.

Or if you are going for a more traditional appearance, our Velvet hat silks come in smart Navy and Black. We also stock hat specific silks, such as the Gatehouse HS1 & RXC1, the Champion Laurel & Champion Ventair and Charles Owen Pro II.

A selection of the riding hats we stock feature removable liners, allowing you to wash the liner to keep it fresh and comfy. We also stock replacement or spare liners for this type of hat.