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Horse Riding Socks

As equestrians we spend lots of time on our feet or in the saddle, so it’s really important to have socks that keep our feet as comfortable and healthy as possible. Some of the main features to look for in long riding socks are padded sole, or padding to the heel and ball of the foot, a thin upper, seamless design, a breathable material, anti-microbial fabric, and of course a stylish design.

If you wear long riding boots then the best pair of ladies equestrian socks will be thin and lightweight. This means that they will help to keep your legs cool while you’re active in the saddle, and easily fit inside your riding boots. Long riding socks are usually worn over your breeches to help keep your layers still inside your boots.

If you prefer to ride in short riding boots, then you may still want to consider knee length or mid length riding socks over your jodhpurs. Tucking your legwear into your socks will help keep it from moving or twisting while you ride. A slightly thicker pair of socks will also help to keep your legs warm, and stop the stirrup leathers from pinching your calves. Lots of riders who wear short boots choose to wear fun or brightly coloured long socks that match their outfit and stand out!

There’s many styles to choose from, and socks to suit every equestrians taste’s at Eland Lodge. Pick bright or novelty designs to add a bit of fun to your outfit, on smart branded socks for competitions.

Welly Socks

If you love being outdoors the chances are you spend lots of time wearing wellington boots, particularly during the cold and wet winter months. Our selection of welly socks have been especially designed to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable whatever the weather is doing. Made from cushioning wool, our fluffy welly socks are cosy and trap in the heat, they’re padded in all the right places, and they’re breathable too!

Equestrian & Novelty Socks

Our fun selection of novelty and horse themed socks make for fantastic gifts! Available as pairs, packs or gift sets, you can choose from a number of equestrian themes and buy beautiful ladies socks with horse, dog, bird, countryside and colourful designs. Styles available include long horse riding socks, cute ankle socks, and warm fluffy socks.

Our collection of womens horse riding socks are brough to you by equestrian brand favourites including Le Mieux Footsies, Pikeur, Ariat, Horseware, Schockehmohle, Cavallo, Mountain Horse, Dreamers & Schemers, Shires, Barbour, Joules, Fairfax & Favor.


Ladies Horse Riding Socks

Our huge range of ladies horse riding socks has something for everyone, whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying as a gift! Choose from: technical riding, performance, competition and sport socks, thermal socks, welly socks and boot liners, fun everyday patterned socks and fluffy socks.

You can choose from ladies horse riding socks in lomg, short and mid-calf lengths available in a range of colours, designs and sizes. Bamboo soles for freshness and odour control, padded soles for comfort, and seamless designs are all great features that can be included in our range of technical socks.