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  1. Shires Aviemore Draw Reins
    Shires Aviemore Draw Reins
  2. JHL Lunge Cavesson
    JHL Lunge Cavesson
  3. Shires Nylon Roller with Fleece Padding
    Shires Nylon Roller with Fleece Padding
  4. JHL Market Harborough
    JHL Market Harborough

6 Items

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Training Aids

Training Aids

Our range of training aids can be incorporated into your horse’s training regime to improve their strength, stamina and performance. Our basic lunging collection includes lunge lines, lunge whips, rollers and lunging cavessons. Take your groundwork or ridden training to the next level with the use of side reins, lunging aids, a harbridge or draw reins – all designed to aid you in training the horse to carry himself correctly.

We also have training aids for stable vices, such as anti-crib collars, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of these vices.