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  1. Trilanco Sponge
    Trilanco Sponge
  2. NAF Ice Cool Gel
    NAF Ice Cool Gel
    From £12.95
  3. Le Mieux Pro Ice Boot
    Le Mieux Pro Ice Boot
  4. Le Mieux ProCool Cold Water Boots
    Le Mieux ProCool Cold Water Boots
  5. NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo
    NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo
    From £9.50

25 Items

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First Aid

Equine First Aid

Stock up in equine first aid kit essentials, so you’re prepared for all eventualities! From products for small wound management such as Dermagel, Hypocare, wound powder and purple spray, through to first aid essentials including poultices and Vetwrap, you’ll find what you need at Eland Lodge. Take advantage of our next day delivery if you need your supplies in a rush.

Our quality first aid supplies are brought to you from trusted brands including Gold Label, Animal Life, HypoCare, Robinsons, NAF Naturalintex.