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Suede Half Chaps for Everyday Riding

If it’s an affordable pair of riding half chaps you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of men’s or women’s suede half chaps. Featuring stretch elastic panels, a zip fastening and reinforced calves for durability, suede chaps are an excellent all round option. Lots of riders choose to wear suede half chaps, including adults who are having horse riding lessons, equestrians who enjoy hacking, or riders who like to school or train their horses at home. The Shires, and the Shires Moretta Suede half chaps are both reliable and inexpensive options.

Synthetic Leather Gaiters for Riding on a Budget

If you’re riding on a budget but still want to look the part, synthetic leather gaiters can be a great option. Designed to match leather jodhpur boots perfectly, the modern leather look gaiters have been developed to look and feel just like traditional real leather gaiters. Faux leather gaiters are a great option for smartening up your outfit ready for competitions and shows. Take a look at the Shires Synthetic, and Shires Moretta Gaiters.

Leather Gaiters and Half Chaps for the Long Boot Look

A pair of leather gaiters or half chaps matched with leather jodhpur boots can give a sleek and sophisticated footwear look, just as if you were wearing a pair of long leather riding boots. Leather half chaps are a great option if you prefer the feel of short boots but still want the smart long boot appearance, or if you struggle to find long boots to fit. Leather gaiters are available in a huge range of size options, from short to tall heights, and narrow to extra wide calf fittings. Many designs also include a hidden stretch panel so you can get the perfect individual fit for the contours of your leg. Some of our most popular leather gaiters include the Ariat Close Contact Chaps, Ariat Concode Chaps, Ariat Contour Show Chaps, Ariat Kendron Half Chaps, Ariat Classic Chaps, Tredstep Ireland Liberty Gatiers, and the sporty Tredstep Ireland Medici Air Half Chaps.

Half Chaps & Gaiters

Half Chaps & Leather Gaiters

Browse our range of adults half chaps and leather gaiters for a great choice of styles and sizes to suit you. Brought to you by leading equestrian footwear brands including Ariat, Tredstep Ireland and Shires.

Our collection includes a range of styles so you can choose the perfect half chaps or leather gaiters to suit your outfit. Available in brown and black options, pick from smooth quality leather riding half chaps or show gaiters, an affordable synthetic leather gaiter, or everyday durable suede chaps.

There’s lots of reasons why riders choose to wear jodhpur boots and chaps or gaiters: it can be because they prefer the feel of a short boot, it can be easier to get the perfect fit with short boots and chaps, or it can be for reasons of budget, as short boots with leather gaiters are often more affordable than long leather boots.

Match your half chaps and leather gaiters with our range of adults jodhpur boots for the ultimate equestrian footwear.