We're here for you

With everything that's going on in the UK currently, we'd like to reassure you that we're here for you and your horse at this difficult time.

From supplements to first aid items, haynets to fly protection, we stock a vast range of equestrian essentials that you need.

As a family run business we have implemented the highest hygiene standards and can safely fulfill your orders whilst complying with the government directives.

We've been doing some thinking and come up with some handy items to have around, so you're prepared for any eventuality.

We're here for you: haynets

Are you able to get haynets ready in advance? We all know what a chore stuffing haynets is, so having a pile ready to go is a great idea if you're buddying up with someone to share care duties, or for if you were to become ill.

The flies have appeared with a vengeance, so make sure you have plenty of protective gear ready for you horse. You'll need fly spray, fly masks, and fly rugs on hand for when your horse needs them.

We're here for you: Fly Spray
We're here for you: fly masks
We're here for you: fly rugs
We're here for you: Covallerio Goleygo

Can your horse be a bit tricky to catch? Consider how this may affect you if you needed someone to come and help with your horse.

One product we love that can really help in this situaton is Covalliero Goleygo system headcollar and leadrope. Using a clever magnetic device they clip together really quickly, so no fiddling about with a clip on a horse that doesn't want to be caught.

After a seemingly endless winter of rain, the beautiful sunshine has made an appearance and the days are quickly getting much warmer. If you've been meaning to replace or refresh your lightweight turnout, we've got some great options available.

We're here for you: Rug4
We're here for you: Rug2
We're here for you: Rug1
We're here for you: Rug3
We're here for you: Feed bowls

As with Haynets, making up feed in advance can help if you're sharing duties with a yard buddy. You'll need a good supply of feed bowls, and ideally lids or covers to keep away any uninvited guests!

Whether you're planning on using some extra time to teach your horse a few new tricks, or you just love to spoil your horse, you'll be in need of some treats!

We're here for you: Treats 4
We're here for you: Treats 1
We're here for you: Treats 3
We're here for you: Treats 2
We're here for you: Paddock Lickit

Paddock Lick
If your horse is spending more time in the field, why not supplement his grazing with an all round paddock lick, such as this one by Likit.

It contains a broad spectrum of essential vitamins & minerals, plus the added benefit of Garlic, Yeast and Oils.