Scarsdale Vets Tuesday Evening Unaffiliated Showjumping


As proud supporters of entry level sport, our Unaffiliated Evening Showjumping give competitors the opportunity to compete in the clear round (fences are as small as we can make them) up to 75cm so you’ll find a competition that’s perfect for you! 

Unaffiliated Showjumping competitions are a great way to get started competitive showjumping. Eland Lodge is proud to be a well organised, professional and friendly competition venue. All unaffiliated showjumping competitions are held on our Andrews Bowen Pro Wax surface.

Clear Round – 4.45pm – 5.30pm
The clear round is run over a shortened course, fences are as small as we can make them. Lead rein/Assistance/Coaching is permitted.
Entry Fee: £7* per round

Class 1: 55cm (approx. 1’9”)
Entry Fee: £10*
Combinations of horse/pony and rider are not eligible for this class if they have previously won the Points League Trophy for this height. No BSJA registered combinations may compete in this class.

Class 2: 65cm (approx. 2’1”)
Entry Fee: £10*

  • During March, April & May this class is a qualifier for The UK Riders Challenge 2018
  • In September, this class is a qualifier for the UK Riders Challenge 2019.

Class 3: 75cm (approx. 2’6”)
Entry Fee: £10*

  • During March, April & May this class is a qualifier for The UK Riders Challenge 2018
  • In September, this class is a qualifier for the UK Riders Challenge 2019.
  • Combinations who achieve a double clear in this class during June & July will qualify for the “Championships of Great Britain” at the David Broome Event Centre.

Entry Fee: See individual classes – entries taken on the day, at the Show Secretary’s trailer.
*An additional £3 medical cover fee will be charged once per rider per competition.


  • Some classes may be run as two phase, dependent on the number of entries, daylight and weather
  • All fences will be raised by 5cm in the jump off
  • Horses & Ponies may be split at the judge’s discretion (there needs to be a minimum of 6 in a class before it is split)


  • This competition is run under British Showjumping Rules
  • Riders may ride H/C in all classes
  • A pony is classed as up to and including 14.2hh
  • No one over the age of 16 may ride a pony (if an adult is riding a pony then it must be declared as a horse)
  • Riders of horses must be aged 12 or over
  • Juniors are those aged under 16 on 1st January 2018.
  • Please see our competition and site rules, and health, safety and legal information.

What to Wear

  • Competition wear must be worn during all classes & clear rounds
  • You must wear an up to standard Hat (as per British Showjumping Rules)
  • Body Protectors and Air Jackets are recommended, but not essential.

Rosettes & Prizes
Rosettes and prizes may be awarded separately to Pony and Horse riders, dependent on the numbers in the class (there needs to be a minimum of 6 in the class before it is split). As a minimum, a ratio of one rosette/prize per 5 starters will be awarded per section. If the class is split, prizes are awarded 1st-3rd only.

Points League
Our Unaffiliated Evening Showjumping competitions are run as a Points League, with points being awarded to the top six horses and ponies in each class. Points are awarded as follows: 6 points to First place down to 1 point for sixth. Rider and Horse combinations may only contest the Points League in two adjacent height classes. Any combination who has previously won the Points Trophy for Class 1 on either night is not eligible for the same prize future years. At the End of Season Show we will award a Points Trophies for each class.