Sustainability Saturday Blog

Sustainability Saturday at Eland Lodge: The Blog Series

Our Sustainability Saturday blog was set up with the intention of championing those equestrian and country clothing brands who are working hard to make the world a better place.

Many horse riders and countryside residents, just like ourselves, are passionate about living in a planet-friendly way, but it can be really difficult to know where to begin. Our Sustainability Saturday blog is here to help raise awareness of those more eco-friendly shopping options that are out there for us.

We’ll also be using this space to highlight some of the changes we’re making as a business here at Eland Lodge. Hopefully this will reassure other family-run retailers that becoming more environmentally aware isn’t beyond our reach! We’re definitely not claiming to be perfect, but we’re trying to keep making those little changes that add up!

Recycled to Perfection

Soft to the touch, breathable, quick drying, and 4-way stretch? Who would have thought this super stylish Le Mieux t-shirt was made from an innovative recycled fabric? Find out more in our blog “Recycled to Perfection”.

Barbour Wax Jackets

There’s so many reasons to love the Barbour Wax Jackets. Not only are they an enduring British country wear style icon, but they’re also an environmentally friendly clothing option – win win! Read our blog to find out what makes the Barbour Wax Jacket one of our top picks for sustainable clothing.

Point Two “Grow With Us”

If your kids grow out of their clothes, it’s easy to hand these on so they can continue to be used. But with equestrian safety wear it’s not so simple, as it’s imperative the fit is correct and the safety wear is fully functional. Point Two Air Jackets have come up with the perfect solution to this problem – the “Grow With Us” scheme!

Riding Tights made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

When we think back a few years to the jodhpurs and breeches of old, we never would have imagined that our equestrian legwear could have been made from recycled plastic bottles, and especially would never have thought these could be comfy! Find out more about the riding tights that are helping to take bottles and re-purpose them to something useful!

It’s Not Just a Coffee Cup!

This blog delves into one of the changes Eland Lodge has made to become more environmentally friendly as a business. You’ll no longer find coated paper cups or plastic lids in our coffee shop. Instead, we’ve switched to much more eco-friendly compostable option. Find out more in our “It’s not just a coffee cup” blog.

Recycled Wadding with Joules

Reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill is a great step towards helping to protect our environment. You’ll now find recycled wadding in many Joules products, including this cosy men’s gilet!

Eco-Friendly Leather Bridles with PS of Sweden

We certainly learnt a lot about leather while we were researching this blog! Did you know that some leathers are dyed using harsh chemicals? We’re pleased to say that PS of Sweden use only Vegetable tanned leathers in their beautiful bridles – it’s so much better for the environment, and our precious horses. Find out more in our eco-leather blog.

PFC Free with Ariat EcoDry

If you’ve not yet heard about PFC’s, this blog walks you through the basics: what are PFC’s, what kind of damage can they cause, what are the alternatives. We’re pleased to present some fantastic Ariat waterproofs, that are all PFC free!