Stubben Freedom Anatomical Bridles

Stubben Anatomical Bridles: Freedom Bridle
Stubben Anatomical Bridles: Freedom Bridle Close Up

Stubben are well known internationally for their top quality leatherwork that stands the test of time. Crafted with quality you can trust, the Stubben Freedom Bridle challenges the traditional bridle with a whole new concept in bridle design.

This unique bridle has been designed to respect your horse’s anatomy and biomechanics, ensuring comfort and optimum performance when ridden. The browband and headpiece have an eye catching appearance – the design carefully places these elements of the bridle to avoid crossing any of your horse’s 16 sensitive ear muscle.

The throatlash is specially positioned to keep the neck and throat free from any pressure which can create tension in your horse. While the cheekpieces are positioned lower than regular bridles to allow the horse their full field of vision. This versatile bridle can also be switched between a flash and cavesson noseband thanks to the clever removable attachment.

The standout features of the Stubben Freedom Bridle design are:

  1. Full sight for your horse
  2. Full freedom of movement for the horse‘s ears
  3. No pressure on neuralgic areas of the horse‘s head (main facial nerve, muscles of the ears, neck and throat)
  4. Sustains your horse‘s natural joy in moving

Grants full sight field to your horse
The horse’s field of vision, which is often constrained by the cheek pieces of ordinary bridles, is fully preserved by Stübben’s innovative of cheek pieces design.

The bridle fully preserves freedom of movement for the horse‘s ear
Just like the horse’s eyes, also its ears are crucial for the horse’s communication with the rider. As neither the headstall nor the browband cross any of the horse‘s 16 ear muscles (4 front muscles, 4 rear muscles for each ear) no pressure can possibly be exerted on any nerves and venes. The FREEDOM bridle hence preserves full freedom of movement of the ears.

Sustains your horse‘s natural joy in moving
The special position of the headstall and the throat strap keep the horse‘s sensitive areas in the neck and the throat free from pressure. The horse‘s flight instinct will not be triggered. Instead of causing discomfort and refusal, the horse can fully unfold its natural joy in moving.
This is the first bridle that was developed considering all anatomical characteristics of the horse‘s head. Consequently, the stress often caused by conventional bridles, will not occur with this bridle. Your horse will feel at ease.

Stubben Anatomical Bridles: Freedom Bridle Eyes & Ears Diagram
Stubben Anatomical Bridles: Freedom Bridle Throat Diagram

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