The bridle selection at Eland Lodge includes a huge range of designs, from classic designs to modern technology. No brand symbolises the bringing together of these two features better than Stübben. This fifth generation, family owned business develops products that set a new standard, prioritising high quality materials aiding high quality performance. Their patented innovations are based on the principles of supporting the biomechanics of the rider horse partnership. Horse and rider comfort are at the forefront of everything they do. This list of our selection of Stübben bridles will hopefully show you what the brand has to offer.

Stübben Bridles: Stübben Freedom Bridle


The Freedom Bridle is designed to enhance your horses’ natural performance through comfort and freedom and movement. This bridle respects your horses’ anatomy and biomechanics. This is the first bridle that was developed considering all anatomical characteristics of the horse’s head, there are a few features to increase comfort for the horse. Firstly, Stübben’s innovative cheek piece design places them lower than usual in order to offer a full field of vision for the horse. Often, sight is constricted by the check pieces. This bridle also fully preserves the horse’s freedom of movement. It does this by making sure that neither the headstall nor the browband cross any of the horses’ sixteen ear muscles. Also, to sustain your horses natural joy in moving, the headpiece and throat latch keep the sensitive areas in the neck and throat free from pressure. These innovative features ensure your horses performance and comfort. The noseband comes as a flash that can be removed and transformed to a cavesson with the clever removable attachment.


This traditionally styled bridle features a softly padded headstall with an integrated throat latch and straps for buckling on the noseband. The clever design prevents a pile up of materials on one section on the bridle, and where ever layer cross, they are placed above padding. These features help to avoid chafing for your horses’ complete comfort. The ‘Mexican’ part of the name refers to the noseband. Also known as a ‘Grackle’, this noseband and flash combination is in a figure eight, crossing over the nose and fastening at the side of the mouth. Where the grackle meets the check pieces and crosses over on the nose there is a thick, fluffy section of material to prevent any discomfort on these sensitive areas from rubbing leather. This bridle is available in black and ebony.

Stübben Bridles: Stübben Leitrim Mexican Noseband Bridle
Stübben Bridle: Stübben Leitrim Flash Bridle


This elegant and sophisticated bridle is very similar to the previous Leitrim, and is complete with all the same features that enhance you horses’ comfort. This bridle however has the flash attached traditionally, rather than in a Grackle style. Available in tobacco, a warm light brown colour.


This bridle has a simple, classic design, and is made out of quality soft leather. For your horses’ comfort the browband and cavesson noseband include a soft padded underside. The rich, dark ebony broad leather is accompanied by silver sittings, giving a subtle, yet stylish overall finish. In order to give you the opportunity of choosing your favourite reins, these are not included to the bridle price.

Stübben Bridles: Stübben Waterford Snaffle Bridle
Stübben Bridles: Stübben Magic Tack Bridle with Combined Noseband


Stübben have crafted the Magic Tack Bridle with your horses’ comfort in mind. The headpiece has been cut and designed to accommodate the sensitive area around the ears. The bridle features a combined noseband, in the UK this simply means a flash noseband. An attractive feature is the magnetic tape fastened to the curved brow band which allows you to swap inlays to suit your style. Chose from a beautiful selection of changeable inlays, from minimalistic and sleek designs to stylish sparkling options. Customise your bridle to fit your unique look, and suit you and your horse.


The switch bridle allows you to slightly change the style to suit your preference. On the slightly curved, softly padded noseband, there is an interchangeable loop allowing you to easily and neatly switch the bridle between a standard cavesson and flash attachment. The noseband also has two buckles, one on each side, giving you great flexibility to allow the correct jaw placement. As with Stübben’s modern bridle range, this piece of tack is anatomically cut and padded to relieve pressure on the neck and poll. This Stübben bridle offers a stylish classic design with the benefits of modern technology.

Stübben Bridles: Stübben Switch Bridle with Combined Noseband

One of the reasons we love Stübben bridles is the way they prioritise the hoses comfort above all else, giving you peace of mind when you ride, and allowing the horse to achieve its highest performance level. Although Stübben is up there among the more expensive bridles, these highly technical items of tack are definitely worth the price tag, and are known for their high quality and durability that will las you and your horse for years to come.