Protect their legs! – a guide to eventing boots for your horse

Carefully selected for their technologically advanced features, our selection of eventing boots range in price so you can get the best option to suit you and your horse, without compromising on performance.

Look out for these desirable key features:

  • Breathable – Breathable designs will help to keep your horses legs feeling cool and fresh, keeping them performing at their best
    Water Resistant – Not only will water resistant materials help to keep boots lightweight through all terrain, they minimise the risk of rubbing
  • Dirt Resistant – minimising the dust & dirt inside your horses boots will help reduce the risk of rubbing, as well as keeping the boots lightweight and breathable
  • Shock Absorbing/Strike Resistant – One of the most important features of Cross Country boots is their ability to protect your horses legs, whether this be from an impact with an obstacle or a strike from their own legs or feet. There’s been loads of technological advancements in this area recently to keep your horse protected
  • 360 protection – anything can happen out on the cross country course, and it’s really important that your XC boots offer 360 degree protection all around your horse’s legs.
  • Flexibility and Contouring – allowing your horse their full range of natural movement is key to top level performance. Contoured designs that work with the shape of your horses legs, plus using the latest flexible materials are great features to look out for.
Shires XC Boots
Shires Arma Cross Country Boots
  • Lightweight, flexible & durable
  • Breathable cooling system
  • Quick dry materials
  • ARMORTEX® abrasion resistant strike pads
  • Tendon shields
  • Padding to the front
Shires Arma Air Motion XC Boots
  • Breathable
  • Cooling air flow from Air Motion fabric
  • Shock absorbent
  • ARMORTEX® strike pads deflect blows
  • Adjustable touch close straps
Woof Wear XC Boots
Woof Wear Event Boots
  • Repel technology prevents water absorption
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 8mm breathable neoprene
  • Ergonomically designed Integrated PU batons for shin and tendon protection
  • Padded strike areas guard against brushing
  • Additional Velcro tab to keep over-strap clear whilst fitting
  • Front and hind specific for maximum coverage
Woof Wear Smart Events Boots
  • 360 degree protection - D30® impact protection encased within an anatomically designed PU shell mounted on 7mm neoprene.
  • Tri-layer tendon and cannon bone protection: Vented PU shell, D3O®impact protection and breathable neoprene liner to keep legs cool and reduce fatigue
  • Protective mesh to prevent grit and dirt ingress
  • Double lock closure for secure fit
Le Mieux XC Boots
Le Mieux Shoc Air Boots
  • Lightweight boots featuring an optimum weight to strength ratio
  • Water resistant fabrics mean minimal water retention (less than 2%)
  • Cut-away profile behind the knee ensures freedom and prevents pinching under full flexion
  • Strike protection: provided by EVA technology and Shoc Dilettante material
  • Shock absorbing impact responsive smart layer minimises effect of concussion
  • Deflective hexagonal moulding detail
  • Natural fit and feel without the rigidity associated with many other XC boots.
Le Mieux Shoc Stealth Air XC Boots
  • Lightweight boots featuring an optimum weight to strength ratio
  • No Water Retention
  • Moulds to leg & tendon profile and supports the back of the fetlock joint without restricting flexion & movement.
  • Freedom behind the knee to prevent pinching under full flexion
  • Strike Protection provided by polycarbonate tendon guards
  • Shoc Smart Layer absorbs impact and minimises effect of concussion and strikes
  • Natural fit and feel without the rigidity associated with many other XC boots.
  • Inner lining is breathable, easy on the skin and avoids heat and sweat build up
  • Avoids use of open air vents to minimise dust & mud intake