Pikeur breeches — A buyer’s guide

Here at Eland Lodge, Pikeur breeches are a popular choice but do you know your knee grips from your full seats? Or your soft-shells from your stretches?

If not, there’s no need to worry. We’ve put together a helpful guide so you can navigate the wonderful world of Pikeur breeches and find the perfect ones for you.

Different riders have different needs when it comes to looking for a pair of breeches. And luckily for us, Pikeur (one of our favourite brands at Eland Lodge) offer plenty of options. This guide will help you understand Pikeur’s innovative features and decide which style and fit are best for you.

If you’re short of time, check out the handy comparison table at the bottom of this page.

Psst… if you’re not sure of type of breeches you need for a particular show or discipline, you can always seek advice from your riding instructor. Or you can refer to guidelines provided by a governing body, such as the Pony Club or British Eventing.

Image of model in Pikeur breeches with horse

Pikeur breeches — features explained

Pikeur Grip breeches

If your horse acts like spring is in the air, even in winter, Pikeur Grip breeches may be what you’re looking for!

The technical bit…

Pikeur Grip breeches have a special slip-resistant Polyurethane coating applied in dots, allowing the fabric to remain elastic in all directions. Grip is applied to areas of the fabric that make contact with the saddle. The result is extra stick-ability when it matters.

Another bonus point is that it’s totally breathable. The nature of the dot application means the underlying fabric is exposed and has room to breathe.

Pikeur breeches come with knee grip or full seat grip. To decide which is best for you, you’ll need to consider your equestrian discipline and what features you want in a pair of breeches.

Image of close up of Pikeur Grip Breeches

Pikeur Knee Grip breeches

Knee grip breeches have patches of grip coating on the inside of the knees only. They’re popular with show jumpers, cross country riders, and endurance riders because of the amount of time they spend out of the saddle in the forward position.

Our favourite knee grip breeches have to be the Pikeur Ladies JESKA Knee Grip Breeches. They’re super soft and comfortable, meaning you can wear them all day long.

Image of a model wearing Pikeur Full Seat Breeches

Pikeur Full Seat breeches

Perfect for beginners and top dressage riders alike because full seat grip breeches help maintain better stability and adhesion in the saddle. For those new to riding, the thicker material in the grip areas also helps prevent chafing.

A full seat grip runs from the buttocks, down the inner sides of the legs and ending just below the knees. It fully protects all the bits that make contact with the horse. Dressage riders love full seat grip breeches because they need to maintain as much stability and in the saddle as possible.

With Pikeur grip breeches, you can enjoy the benefits of highly elastic, comfortable, durable, and breathable breeches whilst feeling secure. Some best-sellers at Eland include Pikeur Ladies Lucinda Grip Breeches and Pikeur Childrens IDA Grip Breeches.

Pikeur Stretch breeches

Breeches that allow freedom of movement help the rider stay supple and responsive to the horse’s movements. Pikeur have got it spot-on with their technical stretch fabric.

The range includes the super stretchy and hard-wearing Pikeur Ladies Lugana Stretch Breeches. The comfortable elasticated ankle cuffs are a favourite feature because it means no more uncomfortable velcro underneath long riding boots.

Image of model wearing Pikeur Stretch Competition Breecches

Pikeur Softshell breeches

Designed for colder days, Pikeur softshell breeches are warm, windproof, and water repellent. They have a soft fleece backing which makes them extremely comfortable and nice to the touch.

The Pikeur Ladies Lugana Softshell Breeches and Pikeur Ladies Gia Grip Athleisure Softshell Breeches get our votes for winter riding.

Image of two models wearing Pikeur Rigdign Leggings jogging across a field

Pikeur riding leggings

Could the Pikeur Athleisure range be the future of breeches? We think so. Easy to get on and off, the leggings-style design comes with a comfortable waistband and breathable, sweat-absorbing fabric. These breeches are perfect for everyday wear. Think utility trousers of the horse world!

The Pikeur Ladies GIA Grip Athleisure Breeches have useful concealed zip pockets and a silicone grip seat, ensuring practicality and style. For children, the Pikeur Childrens IDA Full Seat Grip Athleisure Breeches bring a touch of sparkle with lurex stripes and a beautiful stud Pikeur logo on the leg.

Commonly asked questions about Pikeur breeches

Q: Why do you like Pikeur breeches so much at Eland Lodge?

We like their outstanding quality and fit. Pikeur is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of superb quality equestrian clothing. Constantly innovating, they use the latest in fabric technologies for ultimate performance.

Pikeur has supplied clothing to top-level riders for some of the World's biggest equestrian events, including the Olympics.

Q: Where are Pikeur breeches made?

In Germany. The company dates back to 1899. It started manufacturing equestrian clothing in 1957. It's a family-run business with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Q: How do Pikeur breeches fit?

Pikeur breeches come in standard European sizing. They have a flattering fit and are generally true to size. For ladies over 5 ft 9 (176cm), longer leg options are now available.

Our helpful Pikeur breeches size guide will help you order the right size, first time. But just to let you know, we’ve got your back if you change your mind — our easy returns policy means you’ll get a full refund as long as you return your purchase within 28 days of receipt.

We’re here to help

Our extensive collection of Pikeur breeches means there’s a pair to suit everyone. We’re constantly updating our range from Pikeur so you can stay on-trend and be ready for whatever the new season brings. Remember to give us a call if you can’t see what you’re looking for.