Photography Consent Statement

If applicable to an individual under the age of 16, a parent/guardian must make the agreement on their behalf. 

Who will capture your image:

  • Eland Lodge – to take photos and videos of your time at Eland Lodge to use in promotional material.
  • Event Photographer – to make photos of your competition available to purchase to yourself. To provide photos to Eland Lodge for Promotional Use. To use photos for promotion of the event photographer.
  • Event Videographer – to make videos of your competition available to purchase to yourself. To provide videos to Eland Lodge for Promotional Use. To use videos for promotion of the event videographer.

Your image/film may be used in printed media produced by Eland Lodge and/or other stakeholders, such as programmes, schedules and adverts. It may also be used online, on websites and social media hosted by Eland Lodge and other organisations.

Your photograph, video footage, name and email will be stored in accordance with Eland Lodge’s Privacy Policy.

If you wish to withdraw consent, please contact [email protected] quoting your name, the date and, if possible, your rider number. Whilst Eland Lodge cannot withdraw images which have already been published, the images will not be used further.

In agreeing to have your photograph/video taken, you are agreeing that you:

  • Permit Eland Lodge, or any of its agents, licensees or assignees, to use the photographs or footage referred to above.
  • In accepting the above release, Eland Lodge undertakes that the copyright material shall only be used in accordance with the terms of the release.
  • You understand that such copyright material shall be deemed to represent yourself unless agreed, in writing, between Eland Lodge and yourself.
  • You understand that you do not own copyright of the photographs or video footage.

If you have any questions about this agreement, please email [email protected].