Myth Busting the Anatomical Bridle

Is someone you know singing the praises of an anatomical bridle? Not sure what they’re all about? Here we explain the function and purpose of an anatomical bridle, and show you a few examples of our customers favourites.

What is an anatomical bridle?

Why change to an anatomical bridle if your horse seems happy?

Okay so an anatomical bridle makes a horse more comfortable, but my horse is fine with their bridle, why should I change it? Well there are lots of matters that can be relieved with the use of an anatomical bridle. For example, does your horse head shake, or rub their head at the end of a ride? This can be a symptom of pressure on their facial nerves has made their face go numb, so they rub to get the feeling back. Sound familiar? Other issues that may improve with the use of an anatomical bridle include fighting the contact, getting their tongue over the bit and resistance to the bit. Obviously, all horses react differently to different things but a lot of riders see an improvement in their horse’s comfort, flexibility and behaviour.

Now let’s take a closer look at our best selling anatomical bridles.

Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle

The Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle

The Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle features a wider noseband and a richly set crystal browband to provide a classic and more elegant look, than the plain Equitus Alpha. This bridle's concept focuses on the sensitive head of the horse. Due to the innovative alignment, Equitus Beta provides the horse with ultimate wearing comfort. The new alignment avoids for instance the main facial nerve; it spares important blood vessels and arteries and reduces the pressure on the horse’s neck. The innovative check pieces can be attached directly to the noseband and thus provide the rider with an uncomplicated adjustment possibility.

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The Horseware Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle

Winner of the Innovation Awards at BETA in 2008, the Micklem was one of the first anatomical bridles to come into the limelight. Designed from the inside out, it is shaped to fit the horse’s skull, avoiding pressure on the main facial nerves whilst protecting the cheek bone and molar teeth of the upper jaw. The noseband also sits higher to avoid pressure on the fragile nose bones. The Micklem Competition bridle is a show quality bridle made from hand finished leather with soft padding on the headpiece, browband, noseband and cheekpieces. The bridle is FEI approved and suitable for all disciplines, an ideal choice for an affordable anatomical bridle.

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Horseware Rambo Micklem Bridle
PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle

The PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle

The High Jump bridle by PS of Sweden is one of the most anatomical bridles on the market, so bear with us, there’s a lot to explain! Each component of the bridle has been designed to improve the horses comfort and therefore create a better feel when riding. A great choice for a sensitive horse, the key element of this bridle is the shaped noseband. Designed to avoid all sensitive blood veins, nerves and pressure points, it does not put any pressure on the teeth, reducing the possibility of bit issues. The bows that lie over the bridge of the nose are flexible, offering a more custom fit, as no two horses are the same. The fan shaped headpiece disperses poll pressure, with ear cut outs to allow the horse to move their ears naturally. The cheek pieces are flat with elastic cradles for the bit, suspending it in the horse’s mouth and helping to further relieve poll pressure. Finally the browband is slightly curved as to not press on the side of the horse’s head, preventing a headache like feeling. Now that’s a lot to take in for one bridle, but if your horse is sensitive in their head, or just a bit unsettled this ergonomic bridle is well worth a try!

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Stubben Freedom Bridle – Combined Noseband

The Freedom bridle by Stubben is the most unusual out of the three bridles. Its striking design will catch your eye at competition and make you intrigued to find out what it does. The bridle has been designed to grant your horse full sight due to the cut back cheek pieces, which rotate on a hinge to suit the horses individual shape. The head piece offers the horse full rotation of the ears, as well as avoiding the 16 ear muscles and therefore avoiding pressure on the nerves and veins. Poll pressure is also dispersed due to padding on the headpiece. Made from the finest quality leather this unique Stubben Freedom Bridle respects your horse’s anatomy and biomechanics.

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Stubben Freedom Bridle
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