Are you worried about the effects the mud could have on your horse? Are you already dealing with mud fever, abscesses and hoof problems? Read on and find out about some of the great innovative products available to help combat these common winter issues.


Designed for the prevention and treatment of mud fever alongside other minor skin irritations, these washes are great to have around!

Muddy Must Haves: Cavalor Derma Wash

Cavalor Derma Wash

Cavalor Derma Wash cleans the skin of the horse and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is perfect for the treatment of minor skin irritation and infection, especially for the treatment and prevention of mud fever.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo

NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo

NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo cares for your horses coat with it's natural anti-bacterial cleansing formula. Perfect for use as a preventative wash to keep your horses legs clean and free from bacteria.


Designed with mud fever in mind, these barrier and treatment creams help to promote healthy skin and quick recovery.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF LTSHI Mud Gard Barrier Cream

NAF LTSHI Mud Gard Barrier Cream

The NAF LTSHI Mud Gard Barrier Cream is designed to be applied before turnout, and will protect your horse’s skin when exposed to the wet and mud. Contains MSM to support healthy skin and hair growth, and rosemary to soothe sore areas.

Muddy Must Haves: Cavalor Muddoc

Cavalor Muddoc

Cavalor MudDoc has been especially developed to treat mud fever in horses. The combination of ingredients gives it both an antibacterial and antiseptic function to help in the treatment of mud fever. It also has a regenerating and soothing effect, helping the skin to recover quickly.


We all know that the best protection for your horse comes from within! These supplements have been specifically designed to help promote the health of your horse’s skin and feet.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF ProFeet Powder

NAF ProFeet Powder

Developed by veterinary scientists, with the assistance of leading farriers, the NAF ProFeet Powder offers the most concentrated, fast acting, nutritional support for quality hoof growth.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF LTSHI Mud Gard Supplement

NAF LTSHI Mud Gard Supplement

The LTSHI Mud Gard Supplement features nutritional support for skin challenged by wet, muddy conditions. Mud Gard contains a unique complex of scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidants to flush excess free radicals away from the areas affected by the ravages of the mud.

Hoof First Aid

Essential supplies for your equine first aid kit, these items are invaluable to have around ready for hoof problems and abscesses.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF EquiCleanse

NAF EquiCleanse

NAF EquiCleanse is the latest exciting addition to NAF’s veterinary support range, NaturalintX, the natural answer to first aid. Designed for safe and effective wound management and proven to kill 99.9% of all known germs dead, EquiCleanse is formulated from naturally powerful Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Mudy Must Haves: NAF Hoof Poultice

NAF Hoof Poultice

The NaturalintX Hoof Poultice has been designed to comfortably fit your horse’s hoof, reducing preparation time and enabling ease of application. May be applied in three different ways depending on the wound to be dressed, either apply as a hot, cold or dry hoof poultice.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF Naturalintex Vet Wrap


NAF Naturalintex Vet Wrap is a cohesive, elasticated support bandage that is purpose designed to hold would dressings carefully in place. This bandage is efficient and easy to use, and will effectively, neatly and comfortably secure the dressing.

Muddy Must Haves: Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

The Medical Hoof Boot is something everyone should have in their tack room! No more losing poultices! This unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean.

Hoof Treatments

These treatments are designed to help horse’s feet that are suffering from the muddy or wet conditions, and tackle common problems including cracked hooves, soft soles and thrush.

Muddy Must Haves: Cavalor Dry Feet

Cavalor Dry Feet

Cavalor Dry Feet is an easy to use, highly effective spray to keep the hoof sole and frog dry. The effective Cavalor Dry Feet spray keeps your horse's hoof soles dry and kills the bacteria in the hoof that can cause thrush.

Muddy Must Haves: NAF Hoof & Sole

NAF Hoof & Sole

NAF Hoof & Sole is a topical application for cracked hooves and soft soles. Helps to harden, strengthen and disinfect the hoof.