Lockdown 2021: An Eland Lodge Update

The phrase “Here we go again” will be much used over the next few days but I’m afraid the current re-imposition of the lockdown appears on the face of it, although painful to many, a necessary evil. The legislation has wrinkles and inconsistencies but with the numbers rising and the NHS struggling to cope, something has to be done!

It’s very disappointing to have to cancel all competition and arena hire once again but it can’t be helped, the legislation is unfortunately subtly different to the last lot we faced in that it specifically excludes the use of riding arenas where previously only riding schools were excluded. I will therefore not be able to offer the ménage as we did during the last partial shut-down unless we receive further positive guidance. I will however, continue to offer the Lorry Park to anyone who wishes to hack from the site in order to access a safe space to exercise their horse. If you wish to take advantage of this offer only two things, firstly please park sensibly and leave space/access for others, and secondly please leave us your registration and a contact number in case something happens.

The shop is classed as essential through the sale of feed, bedding and supplements required for horse welfare, and essential equipment related to horse care. The store will remain open 7 days a week during our normal opening hours. You can shop with us online for home delivery, online for click and collect, over the phone, or you can browse and shop in-store. Our priority is the safety of our customers and staff, so we must insist that social distancing is rigorously adhered to, and that masks are worn at all times by everyone who is able.

Hopefully we will get through this by mid-February and through the effects of the lock-down and the ramping up of the vaccination program and then perhaps we can get our lives back on track. In the mean time please take care of yourself, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Remember – Hands, Face, Space!