Life in a Time of Corona

A message from John Coupland

We continue to track our way through these unusual times here at Eland, I suppose we should define the times as unique not unusual as I have no knowledge of the sort of restrictions we are all currently living under ever having been experienced before. I guess it was always bound to happen, the epidemiologists have been warning of a Global Pandemic for many years now, we came close with Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola and of course SARS but they were just the warm up act for this one. The tricks and skills we are learning now will help us in the future for whilst Covid 19 is bad I don’t think anyone “In the know” thinks this will disappear quickly or will be the last one we will suffer.

Speaking personally the obvious and largest effect of the current situation is the absence of people. At this time of year we are normally buzzing with around 4 competitions a week, large numbers on the Cross Country Course and the ménage and of course the “to-ing and fro-ing” to the shop. All my old and not so old pals are confined to barracks and I miss all of the inconsequential chats I would normally have. The effect on the business has of course been devastating but in these times context is everything so our little bit of worry pales to nothing when other peoples strife is laid bare every night on the news and we are still here despite everything!

Despite the shop being closed, the online and click and collect orders are still coming in and Veronica and I are the Ace Tag Team searching out all the bits and bobs that have been ordered. The web site and the recent stock take have been fantastically valuable and so far the accuracy and order fulfilment have been excellent. Where the things are in the shop however not always as easy but that’s the challenge! “V” continues to be the always positive force in the business and our home. I don’t know how she can be so “Right Minded” all the time, keeps me on the straight and narrow path I can tell you. The Livery Team are as active as ever doing what they do with a smile on their face, they have been marvellous these past weeks, just getting on with things maintaining social distance and rising above the drama. Never has “Keep Calm and Carry On” been more honestly displayed.

So that’s where we are at the moment, where to in the future? Well that’s in the hands of our politicians and the decisions they will make. The mood music is for a longer rather than shorter period of shut-down but that may be a bit of scene setting. Whatever happens we will be pushing to become operational as quickly as is safe so to do. We are continuing to prepare for a resumption of competition and Mark continues to work steadily through his program designed to ensure we are ready to go in double quick time once it is declared safe to resume. We shall do our best to make sure you are kept informed as to progress. In the mean-time stay safe yourself, look after yourself and those close to you and in the words of Her Majesty, “We’ll Meet Again” a great sentiment even though I’ve always hated the song.

Stay strong!