Jodhpurs, Breeches & Riding Tights

Jodhpurs, Breeches & Riding Tights

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A good pair of riding legwear is essential for a good performance in the saddle – you need to be able to move freely, have the right amount of grip, and most importantly, not be worrying about whether your trousers are see through! Here is where we can help – at Eland Lodge we only stock the highest quality competition breeches that are tried, tested and loved by equestrians all over the UK. Whether your more comfortable in traditional ladies jodhpurs, prefer the support and structure of breeches, or you’re a riding tights convert, you’ll find a pair of competition breeches in a style that suits you.

Confused about what colour Jodhpurs or breeches you can wear to which competition? Here’s a simple guide to the rules

Breeches for Dressage

For all levels, breeches or jodphurs should be a plain white, cream, beige or canary yellow colour. Unless accompanying an official service uniform, in which case they may be the uniform colour.

Breeches for Showjumping

For showjumping competitions you should wear plain white, pale yellow, beige, grey or fawn colour breeches, navy or black legwear is not allowed.

Breeches for Eventing

For the Dressage and Showjumping phases, white, buff or fawn breeches should be worn. For the eventing phase there are no rules regarding breeches, so you may wear a colour of your choosing. Most riders choose to wear a traditional pale colour, however some riders are now choosing to wear black, navy or even colourful breeches when competing.

Jodhpurs for Showing

In the show ring your outfit and overall impression can have a huge impact on how the judges perceive you, so it’s important to get the look right.

Hunters, Cobs, Riding Horses & Hacks - For these classes choose plain fawn or buff breeches to go with your jacket.
Unaffiliated showing classes - If you are just starting out with unaffiliated showing, you can wear light coloured jodhpurs in fawn, beige, cream or a similar colour.

Ladies Hunting Breeches

The colour of breeches you wear depends on the season, your jacket, and the pack you hunt with. Generally if you are wearing ratcatcher/tweeds for autumn hunting or cubbing, you would choose pale breeches (but not white), whereas for hunting in the season you may choose white or pale breeches.

Ladies Competiton Jodhpurs, Breeches & Riding Tights

Browse our fantastic collection of high performance jodhpurs, breeches and riding tights to find your perfect equestrian competition legwear. Whether you compete in dressage, showjumping, cross country, eventing, showing, pony club or riding club competitions, you’re sure to find a smart pair of ladies breeches to suit you.

Our quality ladies riding wear is brought to you by equestrian brand favourites including Ariat, Pikeur, Holland Cooper, Cavalleria Toscana, Horseware, Montar, Toggi, Cavallo and Shires.

Available in traditional competition colours including white, beige, cream, stone, buff, fawn and canary, our collection of show breeches includes a variety of styles and fits, so you can find the perfect pair for you.

We offer a selection of full seat, knee patch, self seat, gel seat, and silicone grip breeches and jodhpurs, in high waist, mid rise and low rise cuts. You can choose a look to suit you including plain, diamante and embroidered detailing. Our range also includes cooling lightweight summer riding tights, through to super warm fleece lined softshell winter breeches.