Cross Country Colours

Cross Country Colours

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11 Items

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Your Choice of XC Colours

Our extensive selection of baselayers brings you a huge range of cross country colours to choose from. We stock all of your favourite equestrian competition wear brands including Le Mieux, Ariat, Holland Cooper, Blackfort Equestrian, Woofwear, Shires, Toggi, Mountain Horse, Schockehmohle and Horseware.

Choose the best colour for you and your horse, from pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows, oranges and reds, or classic navy, black, white, grey or browns. You’ll also be able to browse the Eland Lodge website to find matching items for you xc colours.

Long Sleeve Cross Country Baselayers

Long sleeve baselayers are the usual choice for cross country riding. Your favourite XC colours will be more visible as your sleeves show from under your body protector. Long sleeved baselayers also add that little bit of protection to your arms, making you less likely to suffer from scraps and scratches as you ride cross country courses based in woodland or alongside hedges.

Although you may think that a long sleeve body protector would be too warm in the summer, most of the baselayers we stock take advantage of the fantastic modern materials available, and contain technology to manage moisture, protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and even reduce your skin temperature while you ride.

Short Sleeve Cross Country Baselayers

If you prefer the feel of short sleeve cross country colours, we have a great selection in stock to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something bright to add a pop of colour to your outfit, or something more traditional and sublte, you’re sure to find a short sleeve cross country top you love at Eland Lodge.

Some riders worry that short sleeve baselayers are not permitted for competitions, however under BE rules you can wear any riding top that covers your shoulders, so short sleeve and capped sleeve XC colours are fine, but not sleeveless tops.

Ladies Cross Country Colours

Choose from our great selection of ladies cross country tops, event shirts and base layers to find your perfect XC colours. Lightweight and comfortable, cross country baselayers are great for XC training and competitions. Available in a range of colours and sizes, we’re sure you’ll find sporting colours you love!

Featuring great innovations and technical materials designed to keep you cool, these tops are designed to make sure you perform at your best, and can incorporate moisture wicking, breathable, fresh feel and UPF sun protection features.

Love a good matchy matchy set? You can find hat silks, saddle pads, fly veils, boots, bandages, whips and stirrups to match your cross country top at Eland Lodge!