Jade Reviews: The Blackfort Equestrian Baselayer & Riding Tights

As Retail Manager at Eland Lodge, I was lucky enough to receive a set of the Blackfort Equestrian riding tights and baselayer in the gorgeous Charcoal & Rose Pink. The idea being to put them through their paces to make sure the quality & design really was up to the job.

How wearable are they?


The Blackfort riding leggings in particular are really flattering from the moment that you try them on. Ladies of all shapes and sizes ride, and it’s important that riding tights will look great whether you’re super slim, muscly or curvy. The material is slightly thicker than normal and really retains it’s shape, so these leggings have a really smooth appearance whatever your shape.


I don’t usually go for matchy sets, but the Blackfort leggings and baselayers are subtle enough that they look great together without being too in your face or out there.


I’ll quite often spend my days off at the yard with my horse, or go on a long hack, so all-day comfort is key. I found the tights great to wear – there’s no pinching, no seams rubbing, and the wide waistband is comfy and has a mid to high rise so it sits in just the right place.

Jade Reviews: Blackfort Equestrian Baselayer & Riding Tights

How horse-proof are they?

Active riding

I have to admit that one of my favourite features of the Blackfort baselayer is the temperature regulation. Because of the slightly thicker quality material used, this means no unsightly sweat patches after a hard training session, particularly when I’ve been wearing a body protector!

Silicone seat

Another great feature is the sticky bum. Not only is it made from cute little Blackfort logo’s, it really does the job. I’ve had the set three months now and the seat is still as good as the first time I rode in it – it definitely helps when you have a sharp or spooky horse to ride.

Out & About

Let’s face it, we all nip to the shops in our yard gear from time to time, and nobody wants to look like a walking haystack in that situation. The super smooth material means it’s really easy to brush off any stray hay or shavings, from both the Blackfort tights and baselayers.

How washable are they?

The manufacturers washing advice is to wash at 30, inside out, and avoid fabric conditioners. Of course I tried to follow this advice, but the few times I forgot no harm was done, which is always reassuring!


After 3 months of washing and wearing and they’re still as good as new – no bobbles, the silicone seat is still super sticky, the rose gold logos are still gorgeous, and they’ve not stretched or shrunk at all.

The overall verdict

I’m pleased to say that the set passed the quality test with flying colours, and Eland Lodge is now proud to be a Blackfort Equestrian UK stockist.

Since having the test products I’ve been really impressed with the brand, and have purchased a pair of the compression tights in navy and silver too. The petrol blue hoody is next on my shopping list!