Qualifying Criteria

Riders who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd with a clear round at a qualifying event are eligible to compete at the Elandlodge.com National Hunter Trial Championship Final, held on 26th & 27th September 2020.

If you've received a qualifying card & rosette, congratulations! You can use the below information to work out which class you are eligible to compete in.

Qualification Class Finals Class Qualified For:
70-79cm (2’3 – 2’6) 70cm
80-89cm (2’7 – 2’10) 80cm
Pairs: 80-89cm (2’7 – 2’10) 80cm Pairs
90-99cm (2’11 – 3’2) 90cm
1m+ (3’3+) 1m

You must compete at the finals in the height class you qualified at. Qualifications are not transferable between height classes.

For individuals: This qualification applies to the combination of horse and rider. Either horse or rider may not be substituted under any circumstances.

For Pairs: This qualification applies to all four elements of the pair (2 horses and 2 riders). Under extreme circumstances a maximum of one of the four elements may be substituted e.g. one horse change or one rider change.