How Clean Are Your Boots?

Show your favourite footwear the love it deserves, with hints and tips in our handy footwear care guide!

Depend on your Dubarry’s

Special footwear deserves special treatment, and you can’t get more special than a pair of Dubarry country boots. Dubarry country boots are built to last, crafted from the finest quality leather. They have their own built in protection and are designed to absorb less moisture, however all leather needs care and with the right treatment your Dubarry Galway Boots will stay supple and shiny. After such a wet winter, follow these simple steps to get your boots looking as good as new. The Dubarry Footwear Care range has been specially formulated for your boots; use the Footwear cleaner to gently lift off the dirt, then apply the protector and care cream to ready your boots for the elements and nourish the leather. If they’re your first pair of Dubarry’s you can even give the Footwear Care Trial Pack a go giving you a mini version of each care product.

Dubarry Footwear Care

Admire your Ariat’s

Everyone wants that show shine on their competition boots, and with Ariat’s selection of care guides you can buff them up so you can see your face in them. To prolong the life of your Ariat boots make sure you wipe them clean with a damp cloth after wear to prevent a build-up of mud and grease. Once clean and dry you then need to feed the leather with the Ariat conditioner, which also leaves a water repellent finish on them to help protect them. To get your boots to shine rub in a little of Ariat’s polish, available in a range of colours, and buff up with a soft brush. Do this often and before competitions, to prolong the life of your leather boots keeping them supple and shiny. You can also what this short video, demonstrating the best way to clean your Ariat’s.

Le Chameau Footwear Care

Love your Le Chameau’s

Your trusty Le Chameau Wellies have faithfully served you through a wet muddy winter, and now it’s time to show them some love! Made from Natural rubber, Le Chameau’s need a little bit of TLC to keep them protected and performing at their best – but don’t worry, it’s super quick and easy to do. After use rinse the wellingtons off and allow to dry naturally (not near heat), then spray with the Le Chameau Silicone Boot Spray. This spray is designed to nourish and nurture the unique blend of rubber, making them last longer and preventing perishing or cracking. Once your boots are dry finish with the Le Chameau Care Sponge to add that extra shine.


Always test products on a small area to ensure that it is suitable prior to treating the whole boot or shoe as some cleaners can alter the appearance of the boots.