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  1. Shires Haynet Tie Ring
    Shires Haynet Tie Ring
  2. Le Mieux Hippo Haynet
    Le Mieux Hippo Haynet
  3. Shires Mesh Haylage Net
    Shires Mesh Haylage Net
  4. Shires Deluxe Hay Bag
    Shires Deluxe Hay Bag
  5. Equilibrium Munch Net
    Equilibrium Munch Net
  6. Shires Haylage Net
    Shires Haylage Net
  7. Shires Fine Mesh Deluxe Haylage Net
    Shires Fine Mesh Deluxe Haylage Net
  8. Shires Deluxe Haynet
    Shires Deluxe Haynet
  9. Shires Greedy Feeder Haynet
    Shires Greedy Feeder Haynet
  10. Shires Haynet
    Shires Haynet

10 Items

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We stock a selection of quality haynets, haylage nets and slow feeder nets for horses and ponies. Our range of traditional haynets and haylage nets come in various sizes to suit both horses and ponies, and can be used in the stable, outside and while travelling.

Our slow feeder nets are ideal for greedy horses or good-doers, helping the horse to slow down and trickle feed as nature intended. These small mesh hay nets are also great for making hay last longer and help to prevent mess and wasted bedding.