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Tack for your Horse

Our collection of equestrian equipment has all of the tack you’ll need for your horse. Chosen for its quality, durability and design, our leatherwork collection includes bridles, breastplates, martingales, stirrup leathers and girths.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional high quality leather bridle, or a modern anatomical bridle designed for the comfort of your horse, you’ll find it at Eland Lodge. Our quality bridles are brought to you from leading brands including PS of Sweden, Stubben, Schockemohle, Shires, Jeffries, Horseware Rambo and Passier. You’ll also find matching breastplates for eventing and hunting, plus running and standing martingales in out collection.

We stock a selection of girths so you can choose the best type and fit for your horse and saddle. Choose from lightweight long and short synthetic girths like the Thorowgood, through to traditional leather girths from Shires, the anatomically designed dressage and GP girths from Prolite, or string, sheepskin lined, and neoprene girths from Stubben.

Browse our collection of stirrups to find the right pair for you. Brands we stock include traditional stirrups from Shires, and modern designs from Flex-On, Tech Stirrups and Freejump. You can choose from traditional and modern designs, we stock everything from the stainless steel fillis irons, to peacock safety stirrups or bent leg stirrup irons “cheese grater” style grip stirrups, lightweight composite stirrups, through to sprung, inclined, and release safety stirrups. Did you know? Some of the newest designs of stirrups are crafted ergonomically to help relieve rider ankle or knee pain.

You’ll also find a fantastic selection of stirrup leathers at Eland Lodge. From short children’s stirrups leathers, to long dressage stirrup leathers. Browse our range for traditional leathers, synthetic leathers, non-stretch stirrup leathers, nylon core leathers, t-bars and more.

Don’t forget you’ll also need tack cleaning and tack care products to made sure your leatherwork stays in tip top condition. You can shop everything from tack soap, Neatsfoot oil, leather balms to synthetic tack cleaners at Eland Lodge.

We also stock a huge selection of horse bits, with everything from traditional snaffles, pelhams, curbs and gags, through to the modern range by Sprenger. If you need advice you can contact us and talk to our friendly team who will talk you through the needs of your horse, best practise for fitting and measuring, and the options available.

Equestrian Training Aids

Browse our store for a great selection of training aids, designed to help you get the best out of your horse. You can choose from lunging gear for exercise, through to training aids like the Pessoa to build key muscles.

You’ll also have the choice of a huge range of whips, with everything from dressage whips and lunging whips through to jumping bats and general riding crops. All available in a range of colours to match you equestrian gear, from top brands including Fleck, Shires & Le Mieux. If you’re in need of some new Spurs, take a look at our collection for ladies and gents spurs from brands including Shires, Stubben, Sprenger and Tech Stirrups.

Equestrian Essential & Accessories

If you love to accessorise then check out our range of saddle pads! We stock brand favourites including the colourful Le Mieux collection, the Sophisticated PS of Sweden range and the stylish Eskadron collection, plus everyday and competition numnahs and saddle pads from Shires , Woofwear, Schockmohle, Montar and Griffin Nuumed.

Browse our range of headcollars and leadropes to find the perfect set for your horse. We stock everything from leather headcollars to field safe, fleece lined, control and colourful nylon headcollars.



Browse our quality range of saddlery for all of the tack, essentials and accessories you need for your horse. Our huge range of saddlery has been chosen for it’s long lasting durability, quality you can trust, and stylish design, from leading equestrian brands including Shires, Horseware, Le Mieux, PS of Sweden, Eskadron, Schockemohle, Jeffries, Sprenger, Fleck and more.

You’ll find our fantastic selection of quality equestrian leatherwork includes bridles, breastplates, martingales, stirrup leathers, girths and headcollars. Plus a great choice of tack care and cleaning products. Whether you’re looking for a timeless traditional item of tack, or a new anatomical style to try out, you’ll find it at Eland Lodge.

We also stock a great range of horse bits, from classic snaffles, curbs, gags and pelhams through to ergonomically designs Sprenger bits. Our collection of stirrups has something for all tastes, from traditional steel to modern colourful, with a great range of safety stirrups on offer too.

If matchy matchy is your thing, then you’ll love browsing our range of saddle pads and numnahs, or equally you may love to accessorise with a colourful or sparkly new headcollar and leadrope. Or prehaos you need more practical accessories, like a competition number bib, dressage number, medical card holder, or travel accessories for your horse.

You can also shop our great range or training aids for the horse, which includes lunging aids, training gadgets, whips and spurs. Used correctly, these training aids can help you to get the most out of your horse in whichever discipline you choose to pursue.