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  1. Horseware Mio Fly Rug
    Horseware Mio Fly Rug

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Reliable Horse Rugs

As horse owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to have durable, reliable rugs you can trust to do the job, whatever the weather. That’s why we select top quality rugs from well known and respected equestrian brands, including Horseware Rambo, Horseware Rhino, Horseware Amigo, Horeseware Mio, Bucas, Shires and Le Mieux.

Turnout Rugs

A reliable, waterproof turnout rug is top of the list for many horse owners. At Eland Lodge we stock a range of turnout rugs, so you can choose the best rug for your horses needs. Our range of lightweight waterproof turnout rugs range from no-fill 0g to 100g and are ideal for keeping the rain off on warmer days. Mediumweight turnout rugs from 100g to 250g are ideal for using on cooler days and will help to keep your horse warm, dry and clean. Our heavyweight rugs (300g+) are ideal for the coldest winter days and help to protect your horse from the rain, wind, snow and mud.

Many of our turnout rugs are also compatible with liners, or under rugs, meaning you can add layers of warmth as you need them. You’ll also be able to choose from features such as combo neck, detachable neck and standard neck, leg arches, cross surcingle’s, leg straps and ripstop fabric.

Stable Rugs

Our collection of stable rugs encompasses lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight stable rugs, so you can choose the ideal rug for you horse. A stable rug helps to keep the horse warm, dry and clean whilst they spend time inside. A hood can also help to keep your horses head, neck or belly clean whilst they are stabled, and bibs are available to prevent rubbing on horse with sensitive skin or hair.

Therapy rugs are also often used in the stable to help warm up before or cool down after exercise, to prevent injury, or to treat injuries, aches or pains. Various types of therapy rugs are available, from magnetic, to infra-red, to vibration or massage rugs.

Fly Rugs

During the summer months your horse may need extra protection while they are in the field. A fly rug helps to prevent biting insects and flies from getting to your horse and causing irritation, itching or infection. Horses with sweet itch in particular can suffer from irritation from fly bites. Our range of sweet itch rugs offer additional protection of the neck, belly, tail and legs.

Cooler Rugs

Our collection of cooler rugs features fleeces, waffle rugs, summer sheets and mesh coolers. These rugs are designed to keep your horse at a constant temperature before and after exercise, whilst travelling, or at shows.



Protect your horse from the elements with our range of horse rugs which includes something for every season. From heavyweight turnouts for the coldest winter days, through to top of the range fly rugs for sunny summer days. Brought to you by leading equestrian brands Horseware Rambo, Amigo & Mio, Bucas, Shires, Mark Todd and JHL.

Our range of rugs includes turnout rugs, stable rugs, under rugs & liners, fleeces, coolers, stable sheets, fly rugs, therapy rugs, exercise sheets, bibs and hoods. Choose from a range of lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight rugs, with options of standard neck, detachable neck and combo neck rugs.