Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I cancel the session I have booked?

When you book your session you should receive an email confirmation from Appointy, this email contains a cancellation link, simply follow this link & associated instructions to cancel. If you’ve lost the link give us a call on 01283 575856 and we can cancel the session for you.

Please give us as much notice as possible on cancellations so that someone else has the opportunity to book the slot. We don’t currently charge for cancellations and we’d like to keep it this way!

I'd like to bring extra/less horses than I booked

That’s fine, simply let us know when you arrive and book in.

How do I sign in and pay?

When you arrive, before you use the facilities, you need to come into the shop to sign in and pay.

  • Each rider must sign a disclaimer to say they understand Eland Lodge Rules & Safety Policy (for riders under 16 a parent/guardian must sign on their behalf). It’s really important that every rider does this for every hire session, even if you’re one of our regular customers!
  • You can pay by Cash, Card or with Eland Lodge Prize Vouchers and Gift Cards.
  • For Arena Hire you will also need to pay a £20 cash “poo picking” deposit. This is then refunded when your session has ended and the Arena is clean.
  • For Cross Country Course hire you will also need to pay a £10 cash deposit for your armband before hire. This is then refunded when you return the armband at the end of your session.

Group Bookings/site hire

Group bookings are welcome at Eland Lodge. If you are running Pony Club sessions, or wish to hire the whole site for an event, please call us on 01283 575856 or email [email protected] to discuss.

What should I wear?

Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate riding wear for your chosen discipline and are wearing up to current standard safety wear. For Cross Country Course hire and Arena Eventing Course hire you must wear a Peakless Hat and Body Protector.

What courses and jumps are available?

We always have a range of jumps available as part of our Showjumping, Arena Eventing and Cross Country Courses. Fixed jumps range between 50cm – 1m, we try to ensure a variety is available for any hire period.

We may occasionally have to remove certain jumps/elements for maintenance and repair. If you require a specific jump for your session, please call us on 01283 575856.

Please do not ride on any area of the course that are roped off, and do not jump any fences that are cross flagged. These adjustments have been made for your own safety, and the continuing maintenance of our course

Will there be access to toilets and refreshments?

There are toilets on site, these are located at the shop and are available during shop opening hours. 

Hot & cold drinks, snacks and light refreshments are available in our coffee shop during normal shop opening hours.

Is my hire exclusive?

For all arena based hire you will have that particular course/facility to yourself, there may be other people using the adjacent facility (for example if you have hired the showjumping arena you will have this all to yourself but there may be someone using the flatwork arena next door at the same time).

Cross Country course hire is not exclusive, there can be other individuals or groups on course at the same time as you, particularly during peak times – we carefully monitor bookings to ensure use remains at a sensible level. Our cross country fences are spread out over 65 acres, and we ask that all customers are aware of other people using the facilities. To ensure everyone’s safety, all fences must be jumped with the red flag to the right of you.