Get A Grip! A guide to the best grippy riding gloves

We’ve picked from the best of the best to bring you our 5 favourite grippy riding gloves for spring 2019!

Whether you’re competing at top level eventing, compete at local competition, or enjoy leisure rides at home, it’s always important to have a good grip on the reins. The last thing you want when you’re riding is to be let down by your gloves!

We’ve chosen these gloves for their excellent grip qualities, whatever the riding conditions or weather. Of course we know that to allow you to focus and ride at your best, you need grip without compromising on comfort or flexibility. Take a look at some of the great features and innovative materials these gloves are made from to ensure your gloves feel like a second skin.

Uvex Ventraxion Multisize Glove

Uvex Ventraxion Multisize Glove - £29.99

Our top pick is the innovative Uvex Ventraxion ! Created using 4D-stretch technology, the Uvex Ventraxion Glove is designed to fit the riders hand perfectly.

Not only is the soft touch material flexible, breathable and extremely air conditioned, it also offers you great grip. Other features we love include touchscreen friendly fingers, and that these gloves are machine washable.

Ariat Unisex Tek Grip Gloves

Ariat Unisex Tek Grip Gloves - £25

Another favourite are the super versatile Ariat Unisex Tek Grip Gloves. Great for everyday riding & schooling, these gloves are smart enough to wear for competitions too.

Thanks to a synthetic suede palm, these gloves offer exceptional grip on a whole range of different surfaces, whilst still giving you excellent feel down the reins when you ride.

Designed for rider comfort as well as grip, these gloves feature stretch twill uppers and articulated fingers ensuring that you have full flexibility and range of movement, plus a lightweight and breathable design.

Roeckl Unisex Roeck-Grip Gloves

Roeckl Unisex Roeck-Grip Gloves - £29.99

A great option for those of you who don’t like wearing gloves, the Roeckl Unisex Roeck-Grip Gloves are designed to fit your hand like a second skin! Made from extremely breathable and elastic fabric, these gloves provide excellent grip on the reins whilst still giving you natural feel.

Woof Wear Unisex Zennor Gloves

Woof Wear Unisex Zennor Gloves - £19.99

The seriously grippy Woof Wear Unisex Zennor glove has been designed to give you grip when you need it most, whether you’re out competing or schooling at home.

Featuring unparalleled feel, grip and dexterity from the REINTEX® Pro palm, plus superb fit and flexibility provided by the soft velvet feel scallop fabric on the back of the hand.


Toggi Hexham Performance Gloves - £12

The best budget buy! The Toggi Hexham Performance Gloves are made from a textured matt stretch performance fabric, featuring a strategically placed stretch panel for ease of movement, reinforced panels for extra durability, and an adjustable wrist strap. These gloves give great grip & durability, without breaking the bank.