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  1. Fairfax & Favor Signature Tassel Stand
    Fairfax & Favor Signature Tassel Stand
  2. Dubarry Wooden Boot Jack
    Dubarry Wooden Boot Jack
  3. Shires Boot Pulls
    Shires Boot Pulls
  4. Dubarry Footbed
    Dubarry Footbed
  5. Acavallo Comfort Gel Insole
    Acavallo Comfort Gel Insole
  6. Fairfax & Favor Boot Trees
    Fairfax & Favor Boot Trees
  7. Shires Plastic Boot Jack
    Shires Plastic Boot Jack
  8. Fairfax & Favor Suede Boot Tassels
    Fairfax & Favor Suede Boot Tassels
    From £20.00
  9. Shires Jodhpur Clips
    Shires Jodhpur Clips

9 Items

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Footwear Accessories

Footwear Accessories

Browse our selection of footwear accessories to find everything you need to get the most out of your choice of riding footwear.


Our assortment of footwear accessories includes everything you might need for your riding boots or country boots. To keep your Fairfax & Favour Boots beautiful in between wears, invest in a pair of branded boot trees. Or to help you on with your Country boots, a boot pull or Dubarry boot hook can be of service. To keep your hands clean when taking your boots off, have a look at our range of wooden or aluminium boot jacks. You can also choose from riding boot accessories like Jodhpur clips. Wellington boot accessories like welly socks and liners, or accessories like the Fairfax & Favor boot tassels.


Looking for socks? We’ve got a fantastic range of men’s, ladies and children’s socks that are perfect for everyday wear, riding wear or to give as gifts and stocking fillers.