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  1. Dubarry leather cream
    Dubarry leather cream
  2. Le Chameau Silicone Boot Spray
    Le Chameau Silicone Boot Spray
  3. Le Chameau Care Sponge
    Le Chameau Care Sponge
  4. Fairfax & Favor Smooth Leather Cream
    Fairfax & Favor Smooth Leather Cream
  5. Fairfax & Favor Suede and Nubuck Proofer
    Fairfax & Favor Suede and Nubuck Proofer
  6. Dubarry Boot Hook
    Dubarry Boot Hook
  7. Dubarry Footwear Protector
    Dubarry Footwear Protector
  8. Dubarry Footwear Cleaner
    Dubarry Footwear Cleaner
  9. Fairfax & Favor Boot Trees
    Fairfax & Favor Boot Trees
  10. Sale BITZ Boot Pull
    BITZ Boot Pull
    Was £3.99 Now £2.00
  11. Dubarry Derrymore Care Pack
    Dubarry Derrymore Care Pack
  12. Ariat Footwear Leather Polish
    Ariat Footwear Leather Polish
  13. Ariat Footwear Leather Conditioner
    Ariat Footwear Leather Conditioner
  14. Ariat Footwear Cleaner
    Ariat Footwear Cleaner
  15. Dubarry Wooden Boot Jack
    Dubarry Wooden Boot Jack
  16. Ariat Footwear Waterproofer
    Ariat Footwear Waterproofer
  17. Dubarry Long Shoe Horn
    Dubarry Long Shoe Horn
  18. Shires Wood Boot Jack
    Shires Wood Boot Jack
  19. Le Chameau Aluminium Boot Jack
    Le Chameau Aluminium Boot Jack
  20. Fairfax & Favor Suede Boot Tassels
    Fairfax & Favor Suede Boot Tassels
  21. Toggi Charleston Coloured Tabs
    Toggi Charleston Coloured Tabs
  22. Le Chameau Micro Fleece Boot Liner
    Le Chameau Micro Fleece Boot Liner
  23. Dubarry Leather Colour Restorer
    Dubarry Leather Colour Restorer
  24. Shires Jodhpur Clips
    Shires Jodhpur Clips

24 Items

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Footwear Care

You’ve just bought a gorgeous pair of leather riding boots, or stunning suede country boots – now it’s time to make sure they are protected and cared for!

Caring for your boots from the get-go is a fantastic way of prolonging their life, and making sure they are able to retain those all important features such as being waterproof, soft and supple.

For long leather riding boots, short leather jodhpur riding boots, and waterproof riding boots, take a look at Ariat’s range of leather care products. This collection includes the all-important Footwear Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, Footwear Waterproofer, and Leather Polish.

Dubarry have got all the answers when it comes to looking after your hard working leather country boots. If your boots are in need of a little spruce up, try the Dubarry Leather Colour Restorer for revitalised colour and shine. Or if your boots are in need of a little TLC, the Dubarry Derrymore Care pack contains everything you need to clean, nourish and waterproof protector – plus it comes in a stylish little box so it makes a great gift too! You can also buy the Dubaryr Footwear Cleaner and the Footwear Protector from Eland Lodge.

Do your suede boots or handbags need protecting from the rain, water or day to day dust and dirt? If you have the Reginas, Amiras, Henley, Hemsby, or the Windsor handbag, then use the Fairfax & Favor Suede & Nubuck Proofer to keep them pristine. Or, if you have the leather Explorers or Boudicas, keep them nourished and protected with the Fairfax & Favor Smooth Leather Cream.

Natural Rubber Wellingtons, such as the Le Chameau collection, need to be nourished and nurtured to keep them working at their best over the years. The Le Chameau Silicone Boot Spray has been designed to work with the unique blend of rubber to make your favourite boots last even longer. Or for quick everyday cleans, give them a quick rub over with the Le Chameau care sponge, with absorbed silicone spray.

Footwear Luggage

Whether you’re taking your Ariat riding boots to a competition, packing your Dubarry’s for a weekend away, or safely storing your Fairfax & Favor boots between wears, it’s important to have a smart and reliable boot bag. Take a look at our footwear luggage range for the perfect protective long boot bag.

Footwear Accessories

Our assortment of footwear accessories includes everything you might need for your riding boots or country boots. To keep your Fairfax & Favour Boots beautiful in between wears, invest in a pair of branded boot trees. Or to help you on with your Country boots, a boot pull or Dubarry boot hook can be of service. To keep your hands clean when taking your boots off, have a look at our range of wooden or aluminium boot jacks. You can also choose from riding boot accessories like Jodhpur clips. Wellington boot accessories like welly socks and liners, or accessories like the Fairfax & Favor boot tassels.

Looking for socks? We’ve got a fantastic range of men’s ladies and children’s socks that are perfect for everyday wear, riding wear or to give as gifts and stocking fillers.

Footwear Accessories

Footwear Accessories

Browse our selection of footwear accessories to find everything you need to get the most out of your leather riding boots, leather country boots, suede boots, walking boots, and natural rubber wellingtons.

Prolong the life of your riding boots, leather country boots or walking boots with the right care and attention. Our range of leather, suede and synthetic boot products are designed to help you care for and protect your boots. Our selection includes, leather creams and balsams to nourish and condition, boot polish to make you boots shine, and waterproofing sprays and creams to keep the water out.

Safely store your precious boots in between uses with our selection of footwear luggage, included smart branded boot bags.

Our huge range of footwear accessories includes everything you may need; boot hooks, boot jacks, boot trees, insoles, welly socks and boot liners.