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With the weather changing and he new season upon us it's a good time to review your horses diet and nutrition. Are they getting everything they need to take on the warmer weather and abundance of spring grass that will soon be putting in an appearance? If their behaviour, movement or general health has changed, it may be time to look at a new supplement to help them out.


Equine Essentials: Equine America Buteless High Strength

Equine America Buteless High Strength

Designed as an alternative high strength source of pain relief, Buteless can be used in the short or long term without concerns about side effects.

Equine Essentials: NAF Devils Relief

NAF Devils Relief

Made from a powerful herbal formula including Devils Claw, NAF Devils Relief is designed to target stiffness in joints, and can be particularly helpful for older horses.

Equine Essentials: Cavalor Free Bute

Cavalor Free Bute

Cavalor Free Bute alleviates pain in joints, muscles and tendons of horses that have had to work hard to deliver a top performance.

Equine Essentials: Naf Go Sound

NAF Go Sound

Designed to provide comfort for when you horse needs additional support, and formulated from all natural ingredients.


Equine Essentials: Equine America Super So-Kalm Powder

Equine America Super So-Kalm Powder

The Equine America Super So-Kalm Powder reduces stress, promotes calming and improves concentration. Also available in liquid & instant syringe form.

Equine Essentials: Cavalor Calm

Cavalor Calm

Designed to calm nervous or stressy horses that react to sound, light and shadow, changes in temperature, unexpected movements, other horses or unknown situations, without affecting concentration or bodily functions.

Equine Essentials: Equine America No More Moods

Equine America No More Moods

Turn you nightmare into a nice mare! Helps to control your mares hormone levels to avoid stubborn behaviour.

Equine Essential: NAF Instant Magic Syringe

NAF Instant Magic Syringe

NAF Instant Magic gives an effective instant calming effect through the combination of bio-available magnesium and a fast acting herbal base. Also available in powder and liquid form for longer term use.


Equine Essentials: Equine America Cortaflex Regular Strength Powder

Equine America Cortaflex Regular Strength Powder

Designed as a daily supplement, Cortaflex can help keep your horses joint tissue healthy throughout its life.

Equine Essentials: NAF Glucosamine 10000 Plus MSN

NAF Glucosamine 10000 Plus MSN

Fed everyday, NAF Glucosamine 10,000 plus MSM is designed for the everyday maintenance of healthy joints.

Equine Essentials: NAF Superflex

NAF Superflex

Design to support joint & cartilage health, Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic acid (HA) are well known for their support for the health of both cartilage, and the thick synovial fluid that oils the joint.

Equine Essentials: Cavalor Arti Motion

Cavalor Arti Motion

Cavalor Arti Motion is a cost effective joint supplement for horses that contains all the key ingredients necessary to maintain joint health. For use in maintaining strong bones and keeping joints flexible.


Equine Essentials: NAF Laminaze

NAF Laminaze

NAF Laminaze is designed to help horses and ponies on restricted grass intake require additional support to remain fit and healthy.

Equine Essentials: NAF Gastri-Aid

NAF Gastri-Aid

NAF GastriAid is an advanced formula containing a unique blend of key ingredients to maintain gastric health, soothe the stomach wall and support the balance of pH levels within the gut.

Equine Essentials: NAF In The Pink

NAF In The Pink

Nutritional support of the gut is the cornerstone of health and vitality in horses, and will be reflected as a horse in perfect condition. This unique, concentrated formula, uses live yeasts and probiotics designed to optimise gut function and the natural digestive process.

Equine Essentials: NAF Biotin Plus

NAF Biotin Plus

Biotin Plus offers daily nutritional support for the maintenance of healthy hooves. The supplement is formulated with a combination of Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM), zinc and calcium to promote horn growth and strengthen hooves that have a biotin deficiency.

Equine Essentials: NAF Garlic Granules

NAF Garlic Granules

NAF Garlic Granules are designed to be fed all year round to support general horse health. As one of the best known herbs in the world, the use of garlic to support health dates back to Roman times.


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