Written By: John Coupland

Following on from my initial blog about the British Showjumping 2020 Rule Updates about whips (which you can read here). I'd now like to draw your attention to the updated BS rules surrounding the use and types of spurs allowed. The key rules are as follows:

  • Spurs of excessively severe design are not to be worn, judges have a bit of latteracy to interpret here but the end of the shank must be blunt and point only to the rear. They must be secured to the boot in the traditional manner so that the curve of the neck of the spur points downwards.
  • The overall length, from the back of the boot, must not exceed 4cm, 2.5cm for pony competitions
  • Only Dummy, Rollerball, Impulse, Rowelled, Hammerhead and Prince of Wales spurs are to be worn
  • Rowelled spurs must have smooth rowels with a diameter of no less than 1cm and a minimum width of 2mm. The rowel must also be in a vertical plane, horizontal rowels are expressly forbidden. Rowelled spurs are not allowed in pony competitions.
  • Spurs with interchangeable/removable shanks, spurs with necks set on the inside of the heal, spurs with roughened or cutting edges, serrated spurs or without necks are not allowed.
  • Misuse of spurs is an offence under rule 82.4, but riders must also take care that the way they use their spurs does not offend the public contrary to rule 82.1

This diagram, an extract from the British Showjumping website, gives a visual guide to the spurs allowed following the 2020 rule update.

BS 2020 Rule Update: Spur Diagram
BS 2020 Rule Update: Shop Spurs

This blog gives an abridged interpretation of British Showjumping rule updates for 2020, for full information please visit the British Showjumping website.