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The Wood Development Grant 2017 - In conjunction with Eland Lodge Equestrian

Posted by Eland Lodge on 06/12/2016 09:21

Are you the person who always tries hard with your horse/pony, but never seems to win anything? Do you help and volunteer at events and other people whenever possible? Is yours the ‘hairy’ beast who always looks a little scruffy in comparison to the other ‘posh ponies’? Do you always feel that you’re doing things on a shoestring? Do you look after your horse/pony yourself and always seem to be fighting time to fit everything in?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions you might be able to benefit from the Wood Development Grant. It is open to any age and any gender and aims to give a little  help and support for you and your horse/pony and help you progress in your chosen area by providing some money to be spent on lessons and/or training facilities at Eland Lodge.

If you think you may be eligible, please apply either on line or as a letter with a supporting video of you and your horse.

The Award is £250 on an Eland Lodge Gift Card, to be spent on facilities, and clinics from Eland Lodge Equestrian. Eland Lodge will offer their facilities at a 50% reduction to the lucky recipient of the award when using the gift card as payment. The purchasing of equipment is allowed, but is secondary to the intention of the award, to develop through use of facilities and receiving instruction. 

It is expected that the recipient of the award would show us how the award has made a difference, with updates on how things are going through the season (eg Blog, facebook posts). 

Email your application to jo@elandlodge.com. Alternatively, applications can be in writing to:-

Jo Underhill,

Eland Lodge Equestrian

Newborough Road

Draycott in the Clay




These applications should include a short video of you and your horse. Please be aware if emailing, the size of the file you are attaching. 

Closing date is 1st January 2017. Entries will then be shortlisted and notified by the end of January. Shortlisted candidates will be expected to attend a short informal chat with Sally Wood, the kind benefactor of this award, with the winner announced by the end of February. Parents are of course invited to play a part in the interview for any children applying. This may be a daunting process for some!

Ideas for things to include in your application:-

A litte bit about you and your horse, what discipline you compete in, what level you compete at. 

If you feel anything is holding you back from achieving the next level, or getting the first step on the ladder.

How you would use the grant to develop your experience with Horses. 


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