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Olivia's Blog About Rhino

Posted by Eland Lodge on 21/07/2017 13:31

Some of you may remember that earlier in the year John's pony Rhino was up for loan. We are pleased to say that he has been settling in very well over the last few months, and is getting up to loads of fun activities and competitions with his new rider Olivia.


This is Olivia's blog from May:


I've had Rhino for 6 weeks now and he has been amazing. When I first tried him he seemed like a speed demon with great jumping legs. We took him out to regular shows at Eland Lodge and we have had a lesson with Sally Baker and a few lessons with Jeff Luckett. Everyone loved him! So, we knew that he could jump; however, how is he at dressage. Well, we tried him in his normal jumping bit but that didn't work so we put him in a little snaffle and he went great. I learnt that he wanted me to keep my hands and legs still and let him do the work and it turned out that he has a really smooth, calm stride and he can go into a stunning outline. We took him to do the Hunter Trials pairs with Sophia Marston. He was awesome! He took the lead the whole way round and was super speedy. It really helped me gain confidence in xc. We kept training him and getting him fitter (2 days a week doing dressage, 1/2 days jumping and 1 day hacking).We very recently did a ODE at Eland Lodge. It was quite scary for me because I had never done a ODE. Rhino was like a war horse and really looked after me. I told him where to go and sat very quietly and he pretty much took me round. We had a decent dressage test, we went clear in the show jumping,however, would you guess we were TOO FAST in the xc and got a few penalties, apart from that I was over the moon with him. Rhino is doing great and becomes fitter and funnier every day.
Thanks for reading,
Olivia & Rhino.



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